Free Fire Kalahari Map Best Drop Location Guide

Guide for best drop location in Free Fire Kalahari Map

Kalahari Map is the second in PUBG with lots of places and the region. Multiple tips and tricks are followed to win the map. Certain tricks will help you win the game. Although the map has multiple drop locations in Free Fire. We will talk about the Guide for the best drop location in the Free Fire Kalahari Map.

Before we move to the drop location in free fire, let us know about the trick which will elevate your game. Tips to survive longer in Free Fire Kalahari Map :

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  • Kalahari Map has several locations where you will find the Snipers. Search for the sniper as soon as land. It’s easier to find.
  • The map has multiple hiding places. Use the hiding places to cover yourself from the attacks. These can be best used to defend.
  • Kalahari Map has several places to find loot. Remember, try to steal everything. The map is open, and it’s easy to spot the enemy. Therefore, try to avoid the situation where you are likely to get shoot.
  • Consider dropping on the location where you will find the weapons easily. There are few places to find weapons easily.

Guide for best drop location in Free Fire Kalahari Map

Below are the locations where you can drop to find the loot. Go through the list :

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The Sub

The Sub is located west of the Kalahari Map. It comprises the Sub Marien in the middle of the desert. One of the critical features of the best drop location is where you can find the loot. Sub Marine is in the middle of the desert, probably marine is defective. You will have several opportunities to loot weapons and other things.

Sub is considered best for snipers. Drop here, roam there for a while and you will find loot. This is one of the best locations.


Bayfront is one of the prime locations to land. The location comprises several buildings structures, also there is a tower in the middle of the location. Bayfront is also on the west of the map. The chances of finding loot in these areas are high, especially the snipers. All the structures have something in them. Although, the popularity of the location is quite high and the chances of facing the enemy are also high. So, if you are planning to come here, make sure that you are always ready to face the enemy.

Command Post

The Command post is a hub of weapons and rifles. You will find several items scattered all over the location. Command Post is one of the most popular locations on the map. Most of the players land here. Drop location has a number lot of weapons and the enemy. Land here if you are ready for the early fight.

The main reason you will find loot here is the number of structures and buildings. You will find heavy weapons here. You should try if you are looking for weapons and rifles as soon as you land.


The refinery is in the middle of the map. You will find heavy loot in the Refinery. There are multiple structures along with several locations which serve as the weapon hub.

Mostly popular location comes with competitors. Yes, you will find an enemy here. If you want to practice the shooting, then the refinery can be your go-to location. Refinery serves both criteria. You will find loot in here and it’s easy to land here. Refinery is hot to land, and chances of getting involved in a fight in the early stages are high.

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Confinement is also at the center of the location. Another location with loads of loot. You will see several buildings and structures that are filled with weapons. The land here, roam in the entire region and you will find the loot scattered all around.

I consider confinement a dangerous zone. If you are planning to land here, then be aware of the fact that the chances of getting out of the land are hard. Confinement is the best of the loot, but you have to be more attentive while playing. Always be ready to move to the next zone whenever you are landing in the region.

Stone Ridge–Stone Ridge is again one of the loved spots to land. Players prefer to land here because the structure present is open. You can spot the enemy from far, thus chances of getting killed are rare. The Stone ridge comes with transparency and thus people mostly land here.

Also, structures have a lot of places where you will find a lot of loots. This is the perfect place to land, because of the safety and security in this area. Stone ridge is the best place to land.

As you can see, the map has several locations to land and find the treasure loot. Most of the popular regions are dangerous. Decide what you want and then, according to that, choose the perfect location for yourself. Although, instead of looking for the perfect location, you can also choose to land randomly and roam here and there to find the loot. This method is vague, but there is the possibility that this one will work.

We hope this blog “Guide for best drop location in Free Fire Kalahari Map” will help you find the best location. Try every location mentioned here and don’t forget to share the blog with your friends and family.

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