Guide to Find the Barrier Genshin Impact 2022

Find the Barrier Genshin Impact

Want to know how to find the Barrier Genshin Impact? How to complete the quest? Searching for the step-by-step guide to find the Barrier Genshin Impact? 

Find the Barrier Genshin Impact
Find the Barrier Genshin Impact

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Don’t worry, you are at the right place. We are going to discuss how to find the barrier ! 

What is Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual?

Sacrificial Offering is the second quest in Inazuma. There are two parts to Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, first one will give you the key to the second part which will complete your task.

In this quest , you need to find the barrier and then you can request to kill the enemy. As soon as the enemy is killed, the task is going to complete. The last stage is to recite the phrases to Shrine and then the task is going to be completed. 

Here is a brief summary of the Sacrificial Offering quest : 

In the quest, you have to find the memento lens after finding all the scattered souls. This is part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing ritual. But the real task is to find the barrier. The article is about how to find the Barrier Genshin Impact. We will guide you to find the Barrier Genshin Impact. Read below! 

How to Find the Barrier Genshin Impact? 

This section deals with how to find the barrier in the Genshin Impact Quest. There are many tasks and quests which need to be completed in sequence. We are going to discuss the process here. Below is the sure shot method to find the Barrier Genshin Impact : 

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First‌, go to the Abandoned Shrine. The shrine is located northeast of Konda Village. After reaching there, read the history and know about the culture to move forward towards the next step. 

Next, in this phase, ‌search for the Mysterious Souls. Find all the mysterious souls roaming in the area. Speak to them and free every soul. Your interaction will help them to disappear from the trio of Fox Statues. Find all the 5 shadows to complete the task. 

Find the Barrier Genshin Impact

Now, the player should head to Norma Shrine, but before that, contact Paimon. Talk to Piamon, he will give professional help. In Shrien, you will get the item known as Memento Lens. Lens will help you proceed further in the game. 

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So wondering what is the use of Memento Lens? 

Memento Lens is used to extract the information scripted in the Fox Statues. The lens is used to view the script that will move to know the step of the quest. Read the information and proceed further. 

The scripts aren’t the direct formulae to find the Barrier Genshin Impact. Instead, they are the small phrases that will indirectly point toward the right path. These are the words you need to chant in front of the Statue. 

Chant all the words according to the sequence. After completing the task, players can move to the final and the last stage. 

Last stage of the Quest 

The last stage of the Quest is found in a cave near the shrines. Head towards the shrines and there you will need a special key to unlock the gate. To find the special key, complete the quest Strange Story in Konda. Unlock the gate with the special key. 

Gate is unlocked and there you will find the Electroculus. Interact with statues to input the pattern from surroundings. And the last step is to pray and request the Shrien to kill the enemy. Once the enemy is summoned, then the task is going to be completed. Also, as a result, you will find the Barrier Genshin Impact.  

Completing the task will give you various rewards and prices. The entire process to find the Barrier Genshin Impact is full of twist and turn. There is magic, there is a thrill and all these tasks can be completed. 


Overall, it’s fun to find the Barrier Genshin Impact. along with fun, also it’s a straightforward task. Just follow the steps given here and you will surely unlock the rewards.

We hope you found the article helpful. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends who are excited to complete the quest. Also, follow us for all the latest gaming updates.

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