Heartbeat Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile: All You Need to Know

The Heartbeat Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile is an example of . Tactical Equipment can be thrown or planted and can be grenades, drones and defense systems you can use to give yourself a temporary advantage in the match. These can be equipped as part of your loadout in Call of Duty: Mobile. 

Tactical equipment in Call of Duty Mobile consists of grenades, EMP, sensors, drones, Stormball, Heartbeat Sensor and a Trophy System which does not directly deal damage like lethal equipment. Some tactical equipment weakens enemy players in some way while others give you an advantage over them.

Cryo bombs, gas, decoy, echo, flashbang and concussion grenades slow, disorient, blind and misdirect enemies. There are several tactical equipment options currently available in the game. Here is everything you need to know about the Heartbeat Sensors in Call of Duty Mobile.

Heartbeat Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile

The Heartbeat Sensor was added to Call of Duty: Mobile as tactical equipment rather than an attachment as it is in other games. It was added to the game in May 2021 as part of the Season 4: Spurned & Burned update. The in-game description reads, “A tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies.” It has a radius of 60 and a duration of 100. The sensor is useful for tracking close-range enemies, and indicates how far they are from you.

How to unlock Heartbeat Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile

Unfortunately, there is no current way to unlock the Heartbeat Sensors in Call of Duty Mobile. Players will have to wait for the Sensor to come to the credit store. If you’re lucky, you may get a skin for a heartbeat sensor through an event or through the free reward section that features weapons and characters per season or by unlocking crates. Another possibility for unlocking the Heartbeat Sensor is if it shows up in future battle passes. 

Keep a lookout on an update for this section, if the Heartbeat Sensor becomes unlockable in subsequent CODM seasons. 

Alternatives to Heartbeat Sensors in Call of Duty Mobile

While Heartbeat Sensors sound great in theory, its practical applications are limited in COD Mobile. They can be particularly useful for Search and Destroy game modes. However, players in other multiplayer matches usually rely on UAVs to track enemies. 

Alternatives to the Sensor include High Alert Blue Perk you can equip in your loadout. The High Alert perk in Call of Duty: Mobile can prevent players from being killed by stealth attacks. When equipped, players will be notified through pulsing visual effects if there are enemies outside their vision who can see them. Additionally, players can also mark enemies and see their scorestreaks and equipment by aiming down their sights at the target.