Series Points in Call of Duty Mobile: All You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 brings with it the Christmas Series Armory. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Ultimate Frontier kicked off on 14th December 2023. The Christmas Series Armory is a continuation of old Series Armory events, with one happening recently during Halloween. Players can grind out matches to collect rewards to accumulate the progress towards the Series Collection. Here is how Series Points work in Call of Duty Mobile and how to get them.

Series Points in Call of Duty Mobile 

Series Points are part of the Armory Series events Call of Duty Mobile runs. You can use these Series Points to earn free draws in Call of Duty Mobile. When you first enter the event, you’ll need to choose a Legendary gun, increasing its probability. After selecting the gun, you’ll enter a menu which shows you how many series points are currently being put towards that gun. 

Once enough players select and contribute to a gun’s series points, you will get the Legendary gun and the milestone progress resets. You can now choose a different gun and continue earning Series Points toward it. 

If you choose a gun with a high probability to win, and don’t get it in the first round, the next Legendary gun that you get will be the one you selected. Note that players can switch which Legendary gun will have a higher probability during the draw process without affecting the milestone progression. Any duplicate items will be dismantled into Series Points. Every 100 Series Points can be exchanged for 1 free draw. 

Once you have enough Series Points you can participate in the draw to win. If you get a duplicate item, you will get anywhere between 6 and 20 Holiday Series Points. 

How to get Series Points in Call of Duty Mobile

There are a number of different ways to get series points in Call of Duty Mobile. You can drop a Like in the Series Collection to pick up Series Points. The number of likes unlocks Series Points milestone rewards in Christmas Series Armory. 

In addition to the milestone points rewards, finishing the likes campaign at 3 million will also unlock completionist rewards for those who took part along the way. These special completionist items will include a holiday frame, calling card, avatar, emote and more.

You can also earn Series Points by completing the Holiday Series Bonus Challenges. Players will have to log in daily for 7 days during the event to get a total of 500 Series Points. On the last day of the login you’ll get an Arctic .50 – Black Horizon. 

If you have 1 CP to spare, you can also purchase 500 Series Points. This offer is valid till 3rd January 2024. 

That’s all you need to know about the Series Points events in Call of Duty Mobile and how they work.