Honor of Kings Global: Release Date, Pre-registration, and more details

The Honor of Kings (HoK) release date has been revealed. The game is one of the highly anticipated mobile MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with fans waiting for its international release. Pre-registration for Honor of Kings is now ongoing but only for a select number of regions. While the iOS App Store unveiled an expected release date for the game, it is yet to be confirmed if the dates shall be the same for Android devices.

Here is what you need to know about the Honor of Kings release date, how to pre-registration, and how to check if the game is available in your region.

When is the Honor of Kings release date?

For the majority of regions, the Honor of Kings release date is scheduled for 20th June 2024. However, there are regions such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, where the release date is set for 21st February 2024.

Players can always check their region’s iOS App Store and Android Play Store to see the HoK release date for themselves.

Players should keep in mind that the release date is subject to change by Level Infinite, the publisher behind the mobile MOBA title. There may be instances that a delay may happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

How to pre-register for Honor of Kings

  • Open Google Play or App Store and search for Honor of Kings.

  • The app will show up if your region is included in the official release.

  • Tap on the app to check its release date and Pre-registration details.

  • Tap on “Pre-register” for Android users or “Pre-Order” for iOS devices.

After pre-registering, players will have to wait for the release date before they can download the game and play it. 

A plethora of rewards also awaits players who pre-registered before the release date of Honor of Kings. This includes a free hero named Ying and her skin Crimson Tassel as well as few resources like Diamonds, Gold, and Free Trial of other heroes in the game.

Players can check the .