How Many Diamonds to Get All Rewards from Free Fire Unicorn Ring Event?

For all Free Fire aficionados eagerly eyeing the rewards from the new Unicorn Ring Event, the burning question is: how many Diamonds will it take to secure all the prizes? As Garena continues to enrich the Free Fire experience, understanding the investment required for its latest event is crucial for players.

Diamond Investment for Free Fire Unicorn Ring Rewards

Typically, acquiring either the Rainbow Dreams or Fantastic Fantasy Bundle might set you back between 1800 to 3000 Diamonds. While this range offers a general estimate, the real magic lies in the Universal Ring Tokens. If you’ve been hoarding these, your Diamond expenditure could significantly reduce.

However, a word of caution: luck plays a pivotal role. Some players could hit the jackpot early on, while others might need numerous spins, translating to more Diamonds.

Unicorn Ring Event Overview

Launched on October 12, 2023, this event will dazzle players until October 25, 2023. Apart from the highlighted bundles, it promises AK-47 Unicorn Rage-themed weapon skins and an array of other rewards. Each spin, essential for winning these rewards, is priced at 20 Diamonds. Opting for the bulk 10+1 pack offers a discounted rate of 200 Diamonds.

The event’s detailed prize pool includes:

  • Rainbow Dreams and Fantastic Fantasy Bundles

  • AK-47 Unicorn’s Rage (with varied themes)

  • Multiple Universal Ring Tokens

For those with unfavorable spin outcomes, the event has a redemption arc. The exchange section lets you swap Universal Ring Tokens for your desired items, with costs ranging from 150 to 225 Tokens for the weapon skins and 175 Tokens for each bundle.

Steps to Dive into the Unicorn Ring Event

  1. Navigate to Luck Royale and select the Unicorn Ring.

  2. Employ your Diamonds for spins, either one at a time or the bulk 10+1 pack.

  3. If the outcomes aren’t satisfactory, use your Universal Ring Tokens for redemptions in the exchange section.

Once these steps are executed, the acquired items will swiftly reflect in your Free Fire account.

The Unicorn Ring Event in Free Fire offers a mix of excitement, strategy, and a touch of luck. With Diamonds as the main currency, it’s imperative for players to gauge their potential investment and strategize accordingly. Whether you’re going all in or saving up, may your spins be ever in your favor!