How to breed Cows in Minecraft? 

Breeding cows in Minecraft is considered beneficial in many ways, such as the fact that players can collect items within a short period of time. Even though it’s easy, most players are unaware of the process and the items required to successfully breed cows.  Not only this, but the player also needs guidance on how to take full advantage of cows and their babies. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a full guide that will teach you the essential steps to breeding cows. Starting from breeding to earning rewards. Let’s get started!

What do you need to breed cows?

To breed cows, players need food to feed the cows and a farm to keep them safe. The only requirement to breed is whether to have wheat or any edible food material. In most cases, wheat is considered the best option. It’s easily available on any farm, and players themselves can try to grow the wheat.

How to breed cows in Minecraft?

How to breed cows in Minecraft?

Breeding is a simple process that requires feeding and caring for the farm animals. Just giving them food is all players have to do whether it is a cow or any animal such as a pig, etc.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to breeding cows:

Arrange enough wheat to feed cows. Give wheat to cows by right-clicking and waiting for a few seconds. Remember, you can’t breed a single cow; therefore, it’s mandatory to have two cows.

The feeding process will take a few seconds. Wait till then.

Once the process is finished, the next thing you will see is a baby cow right after feeding. Breeding and growing a farm is a simple process that only feeding and waiting till the baby cow is born.

There are two benefits to cow breeding: first, within a short period of time, you will grow your farm, and second, players will also earn XPs.  How much XP you will earn depends on the breed.

How often can you breed cows?

Remember, once you breed the cow, wait five minutes before breeding again. These five minutes are referred to as the cool-down period. Players have to wait for five minutes before breeding again. 

The same breeding process can be used to breed again and the next time, repeat the same process for the next  breeding sessions 

How to build a Minecraft cow farm?

Breeding cows will eventually lead to the production of more cows. After some time, you will be required to build a farm. Here are the items that you will need to build a farm:

  • Wheat Stocks ( either purchased or grown)
  • Initially, two cows
  • Fence ( for framing area )
  • A fence gate
  • Land in Minecraft

Once you have all these items, it’s easier to build a Minecraft farming land.

Next, an essential step to keep cows safe To achieve this goal, players have to build a fence and a fence gate.

Firstly, select the area of 4*4 land in Minecraft. And choose an area that is suitable for cow breeding. For instance, if you choose a cold area, then ice will probably collect all over the farm.  Be mindful while choosing the area.

Next, create a boundary around that area using fences. And add a gate to make it more functional.

Last, to attract cows, players need some wheat. Offer wheat to cows so that they will follow you to the farm.

Now, players can start breeding cows.  Stand outside the farm and offer wheat to the cows whenever they come closer to the fence.

Once the cow is fed, you will see the baby within 20 minutes. After 5 minutes, cows are ready to be breed again. In no time, players can get a farm full of cows.

Is automating cow breeding possible?

In Minecraft, no option allows players to autobreed, whereas several bots and modes are available that can automate the breeding process.

Apart from these, there is no other method that will help you automatically breed the cows. Even the dispenser can only throw food at the cows, not feed them.

How to collect items and XPs using cows?

Killing cows is one of the common methods people use to earn XPs. People intentionally kill cows using swords to earn some points.

Although it’s suggested to be mindful of how many cows you are killing so that, in the future, you can start breeding again,

Anyways, here’s a brief method through which players can kill cows and earn some points

  1. Strategically place a solid block outside a fence boundary.
  2. Now, allow water to flow from one end of the farm. This will start filling the farm, and cows are forced to be at one corner of the farm.
  3. In the same corner where the cows are standing, replace the corner block with a hopper and its adjacent blocks with magma blocks.
  4. Any cow that comes into contact with the magma block will die, and all the items and rewards will be automatically collected in the hopper and chest.

To stop the flow, you just have to stop the water flow and give cows space to stay away from the magnum block.

This is a suitable method to control the number of cows you are going to kill and an efficient method to collect the items.


Cow breeding is a simple process, but it requires the full attention of the owner. It’s one of the best ways to collect items and earn XP rewards.

Firstly, breed the core within 20 minutes and then kill them strategically to earn points. If you want to restart, then you can do that, but remember not to kill all the cows.