Do you know what the Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange is? What’s the quest? Where does this quest belong? 

Or Are you Someone who wants to know how you can unlock the various quest? What are the eligibility criteria to be qualified for Genshin Impact?

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We have a solution for both! Read the full article to know how you can unlock the Genshin Impact Equivalent! 

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What is Genshin’s impact equivalent exchange? 

Equivalent Exchange Genshin Impact
Equivalent Exchange Genshin

Equivalent Exchange Genshin Genshin Impact is a well-known name in the video gaming world. After the update, new quests and rewards are launched. Everyone is eager to complete objectives and collect rewards. To be clear Genshin Impact is a game and Genshin Impact

Equivalent exchange is a name of quest available in Genshin Impact. 

Equivalent Exchange simply means you are going to be paid as per your task or task. Now you will have a little bit of idea of equivalent exchange. Equivalent Exchange is a simple quest that requires you to travel and perform some simple task that will immediately credit a reward in your account. 

Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange task summaries are below : 

  • Talk to Victor 
  • Perform tasks and Collect the items 
  • Talk to Victor again. 

After finishing the task you will be given rewards that will enhance your profile. 

Before we move ahead how you can unlock the equivalent exchange note to complete the task that will make you eligible for the quest?

How to unlock Equivalent Exchange Genshin Impact? 

give sara food 54c4
Equivalent Exchange Genshin

Equivalent Exchange Genishin Impact can be unlocked by following some specific steps and procedures. Anyone who is obsessed with games knows how

benefitting these quests are to your profile.  To successfully unlock follow the below steps :

  • Before starting you need to know the location for the quest is Mondstadt. Your journey will start with a quest from Viktor – an NPC and a Fatui from Snezhnaya and Mondstadt. 
  • You need to teleport to Mondstadt and move to Catherdal in the backyard of the city. 
  • You will find Victor in Catherdal. Talk to him regarding unlocking the quest. Your quest is going to be complete when you will give Fatui warrior the required things. 
  • Now you need to complete the Archon Quests Prologue, Act 3: Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Before unlocking you must have completed the Tales of Winter at least once. Remember these two conditions and then you can easily unlock the quest.

That’s it! This quest is simple and pretty easy. The number of tasks is less and can be easily completed. Therefore, don’t forget to unlock this task. All you have to do is follow the basic steps.

How to unlock Equivalent Exchange Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough?

equivalent exchange genshin impact 28db
Equivalent Exchange Genshin

Equivalent Exchange Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough is another quest you can unlock easily. Without wasting time let’s see how you can unlock the quest :

After Victor’s quest you need to fulfill the following task : 

  • Leave the Cathedral and move to Mondstadt City. You will find Sara in the Good Hunter shop. Go and talk to her regarding unlocking the quest. In response, she asked you to do some tasks. 
  • You have to cook a tasty salad for Sara. If you don’t have the dish then gamers are already provided with a solution. You can cook salad in the Kitchen present next to Sara’s Shop.  You need  2 cabbages, 2 apples, an egg, and a potato to cook the salad.
  • Next, move to Flora at the FlowerSShop.  She will ask you a few questions if you answered yes then she will grant you Flora’s Bookmark and if you answered no then you have given her Dandelion Seeds in exchange for items you need.
  • Now you will find Charles in the Tavern at the wine shop. Talk to him.
  • Now you have to collect the ingredients for the cocktail. To collect ingredients you have to complete the two tasks – the first, teleport domain to Valley of Remembrance and the second defeats fear the enemies to vision the location of the ingredients.  
  • Your next task is to win against all the newly-spawned Slimes. 
  • The last step is to teleport to Mondstadt and talk to Charles after returning to Tavern. Have a conversation he will give Special Beverage from Angels Share. 

Now, return to the Cathedral and talk to Victor. After checking the result of the quest, he will give you all the rewards of the quest. 

Rewards after unlocking Equivalent Exchange Quest Rewards? 

After completing the above task you have to move to Equivalent Exchange Quest Rewards. You can unlock the quest easily just by completing the task in the chronology mentioned above.

But what will you receive in reward?

You will receive 100 EXP, 30,000 Mora coins, and 4 Hero’s Wit Experience books. And additionally, you will have some grants and permission in-game.

The book you received will help you level up your powers and characters. These two are the well-known quest that gives you more supplies and powers while proceeding towards the game end.


Genshin Impact Quest Walkthrough is easy to achieve which will boost your profile.  To be more stand in the competition and maintain your profile you need to finish the quest as soon as you can.

Follow the simple method mentioned above and you can unlock the quest within a few attempts.

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Last Update: May 12, 2024