How to Download the New Farlight 84 Test Server for January 2024

The hero-based battle royale game Farlight 84 is launching their biggest update soon. Before releasing the official update, developers have opened up a test server so players can try out and provide feedback on the new features and changes coming in the next patch. Let us take a look at how can get your hands on the test server version.

Download the New farlight 84 Test Server

If you want to download the Farlight 84 test server and see what’s coming up, here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Click this link to go to the test server download page. Grant permission if prompted.

  2. Install the APK file once downloaded. This should only take a minute or two.

  3. Launch and enjoy the test server content for an early bird experience.

The Farlight 84 test server is currently only available on Android. It gives players early access to things like adjustments to hero skills, guns, vehicles, and other game mechanics that the devs plan to add to the main game with the January 25th update. Their goal is to optimize areas like gunplay, sound, abilities, and the overall excitement factor.

The developers first announced Farlight 84 in 2020 and it had a beta test in 2021 before its full global launch in April 2023. Since then it has added features like new maps, chat functions, creator tools, tournaments, and more. But as the developers have stressed recently that game is not able to stand out properly compared to other battle royale titles in the mobile space and this might give the game a major overhaul it needs. Although some in the community have expressed their concern over changing the current meta that most players have grown accustomed to, how the changes fares in the long haul remains to be seen.