How to Fix Lag in Farlight 84

How to Fix Lag in Farlight 84

Farlight 84 has quickly become one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices. However, many players experience frustrating lag and frame rate drops during matches, severely impacting gameplay. This lag occurs primarily from the graphically-intensive nature of battle royales taxing phone processors. This article provides tips to help reduce frame rate issues for smoother gameplay.

Ways to Fix Lag in Farlight 84

Close Background Apps: Be sure to close all running apps before opening Farlight 84, especially social media apps like TikTok, WhatsApp, Discord, and Facebook. They continue collecting data even when in the background, putting more pressure on your phone’s CPU. Forcing these apps closed frees up processing power for the game.

Adjust Graphic Settings: Lower the graphics quality to your phone’s lowest possible setting and set the frame rate to the maximum available. Although counterintuitive, this prevents FPS from dropping below 30 even on low-end devices. With quality set higher, dips below 30 FPS make the game unplayable. But at maximum frame rate, it won’t go below 30 on slower phones.

Disable Extra Features: Turn off streamer mode, highlights recording, screen shake, and other special effects when hit. These features may be cool but they drain resources needed for smooth gameplay. Removing them eliminates extra strain on your device.

Use Developer Options: Android users can utilize developer options to optimize Farlight 84 performance. Key settings to enable are “Game Driver” preferences under Game Driver settings, animation off or set to .5x under Drawing, 4x MSAA under Debug GPU overdraw, and disable HW overlays under Debugging. Tweaking these developer options prevents frame rate drops.

Lower Field of View: Reduce the in-game field of view below 80. A narrower field of view requires less graphics processing power. You’ll lose some peripheral vision but gain smoother gameplay in return.

Following these tips will dramatically improve Farlight 84’s speed and playability on mobile. Whether on low-end phones unable to handle the graphics or top-tier devices overloaded with background tasks, these tips will have you parachuting and fighting lag-free.

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