How To Get AimBot in Fortnite and Gaming Consoles?

How To Get Aim Bot

How To Get Aim Bot in Fortnite: Anyone involved in Fortnite knows the use of Aimbot. You are here because you don’t know what Aim bots are?
We are here to help you! You will see the benefits, features, and drawbacks of using Aimbots. Read the below article. You will also get information on how can get aimbot.

What is an aim bot?

Aim bot is a cheat code used by a player to target and shoot the enemy accurately. When you are playing via normal mode, aiming and especially correct aiming depends on your skills and performance at the moment. But when you use an aim bot, a player can automate the firing and shooting. 

Bot locks the cursor to the opposite team player, and advanced bots even use the algorithm to predict the enemy’s motion. 

Whatever we discussed is basic of the bot if we look at the latest and most advanced bots. Wallet AimBot is one such example of an advanced bot. Wallet codes allow users to control all the features via the menu. The easy accessibility of features results in fast and smooth navigation. 

Features of the aimbot?

One of the foremost aimbot features is to aim accurately without adjusting too much. Aiming is the only feature of the aimbot; numerous other benefits make things easy in-game.

Let’s see what the common aimbot feature are. Below are the other benefits of aimbot :

  • Visibility Checks: Help you to make you’re your vision clear 
  • Set Field of View- This gives you a wide view of the field. 
  • Autofire: Aimbot will fire itself without your involvement. 
  • Bullet Speed prediction Aimbot can predict the speed of the bullet 
  • FPS Prediction: You may know FPS prediction. 

All the above features are of basic aimbot. The advanced feature lets you know more detailed information regarding the game. Advanced features include functions like the velocity of the bullet, speed of the bomb drop, network ping, and all the other accurate measurements.
The advanced features are accurate and effective. Identifying the cheat code becomes easy for anyone to detect the hack. The excess of aimbots has given rise to anti-hack software, which can detect abnormal activity while playing.
You can even keep this hidden. Read the below point to know how to get prevent yourself from aimbots.

How do aimbots work & How To Get Aim Bot?

How do aimbots work? Aimbot involves the codes which enable the targeting. The process is simple and as mentioned below. When you enter the specific code, the code will direct you to the location of the player. The exact location and the accuracy of bots let you kill more. 

Is Aimbots legal?

Aimbots are cheat codes that give you the superpower to rank quickly and easily. Any kind of code or additional software is considered an illegal activity. 

No, Aimbots are a not legal or legitimate way to win the game. Besides being illegal, players still use and probably they have higher in the game. You can use aimbots unless you are caught by anti-hacking software and for that be low-key. While playing games never cross normal human capabilities. Follow the basics we are going to mention below. 

How to get rid of anti-hack?

Aimbots are a sought-after method to aim accurately without aiming carefully. The unethical activities are easily caught by the anti-hack program. Besides the anti-hack program, you can still use the aim bot without getting caught. Here are some tips that will keep you safe in Fortnite : 

  • Never shoot through the wall or any obstacle 
  • Keep in mind to be aimless accurately. The rate of correction should be less or equal to the normal false aim. 
  • You should keep your aiming in control
  • Try to avoid the  headshot  

You must avoid Killcams or replays 

Note: Above tips are only for Fortnite, but you can follow one tip for every, that never gives 100% efficiency in any game while using aimbot

How to get an aim bot in Fortnite and gaming consoles? 

Aimbots are available in Froniye and gaming consoles, the process of adding involves a little bit of coding and efficacious copy & pasting skills. Don’t worry! We have a solution for you, follow the below steps to make use of Aimbots 

Step-by-Step Guide to get aimbot :

  • Step 1: First, Log in to the game. 
  • Step 2: Go to the game setting. 
  • Step 3: Follow the following process to enable the “Protanope” option. First, go to” Color Vision “, then visit “Accessibility “, then go to the “Color Blind ” tab. And in the end, go to the “Protanope” option. 
  • Step 4: Now, go to Brightness Tab and enable the maximum brightness option. 
  • Step 5: Don’t forget to enable the anonymous option from the setting. 
  • Step 6: After performing all the steps, now you can embed the code in the game. 
  • Step 7: Go to the lobby, navigate to ‘ options ‘ and click on ‘ Feedback ‘. Now in the  lobby copy & paste the below code :
"Void AimAtPos(float x float y)

Int.lowDistMax = 75

doublelowDist = lowDistMax;

float aimPosX = this,Width/2, aimPosY = this.height/2;"

Done! Now you can use the aimbot features in your PlayStation. The salient point is never to skip any of the settings, or else you will get caught by the anti-hack program.


Aimbots is one of the hacks that allows aiming accurately. You can use the bot by injecting the code directly into the game. The advanced feature enables a lot of functions that help you to stay in-game longer. Follow the steps given in the article in order to get aimbots.