How To Get the Brawl Stars Kabocha Fang Skin? Cost, Release Date & More

How To Get the Brawl Stars Kabocha Fang Skin? Cost, Release Date & More

The gaming community is all about engagement and connection. As gamers, there is nothing better than breaking the fourth wall and entering the game themselves. And this is something that Supercell does well with its very own “Make Campaign”. It announced a Make Campaign for the Brawl Stars community, inviting players from all over the world to design a new skin line for a popular Brawl Stars character named Fang. Many players came up with some very creative designs, and finally, a winner was chosen.

Since this is all about letting the community make a choice, it boiled down to the artwork with the most votes. The winner is named GlowingShark who swept off the winning award with 67% votes. Now that the campaign is over, players are wondering how to get the fan-made Brawl Stars Kabocha Fang Skin (originally named Spectral Warrior Fang). 

Here is a guide to help you acquire this new skin, along with other necessary information. 

Brawl Stars Kabocha Fang Skin

After a week of much discussion and intense competition, the decision boiled down to choosing one of the four designs. These artists managed to rise through the ranks and make their place as three runner-ups and one winner. Brawl Stars took to Twitter to announce the winner and the runner-ups, letting fans know that a decision was made in July.

The Kabocha Fang skin by GlowingShark impressed the community, hence amassing 67% of the votes. Following that is a cosmetic skin designed by LukeDraw called Slasher Fang with 14% votes and Crazy Scarecrow Fang by Alexito247 with 11% votes. The last runner up is enlumin8, who designed Vam-Fang and amassed 8% of the votes. These skins were heavily inspired by the spooky Brawl’O’Ween event organized by Supercell to celebrate Halloween. 

How Can You Get the Kabocha Fang Skin?

The skin was released with the commencement of Season 21 of Brawl Stars. It is a Halloween-themed design inspired by the spooky pumpkin carving tradition. It also features a pumpkin-themed trick or treat basket, alluding to the Halloween tradition. 

The Kabocha Fang skin is now available in the game for fans to equip and enjoy. They can purchase it from the in-game shop for 149 gems or 5,000 Bling

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