How to Get the Trip Sensor in COD: Mobile?

How to Get the Trip Sensor in COD: Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile recently released its Season 1 – Soldier’s Tale update, adding exciting new content for players to unlock. One of the newest additions is the Trip Sensor tactical equipment available in multiplayer matches. This handy device attaches to surfaces and reveals enemy locations when triggered, helping players gain a tactical advantage. In this article, we discuss its functional value and how you can add it to your loadout.

How to Get the Trip Sensor in COD: Mobile?

Unlocking the Trip Sensor requires progression through the Season 1 Battle Pass. At Tier 14, the item becomes freely available without needing to purchase premium access. By playing matches, completing seasonal events and redeeming credits, players can quickly accumulate enough battle pass XP to hit Tier 13. Equipped with persistence and some helpful gameplay strategies, unlocking the Trip Sensor is an achievable goal.

How Does the Trip Sensor Functions

Once unlocked, the Trip Sensor’s functionality provides tangible benefits. When an enemy player triggers the sensor by moving into its proximity, it activates and attaches to that player, hindering their movement speed. Additionally, it reveals their position on the mini-map to teammates for a short duration. Knowledge of enemy locations enables setting up ambushes or strategically flushing them into the open.

The Trip Sensor creatively builds upon existing equipment to shake up multiplayer dynamics. Veterans at rushing objectives or run-and-gun styles may need to adjust tactics when facing this latest toy. Its temporary hindering effect pressures opponents to retreat or push forward out of necessity.

Overall, the Trip Sensor is an exciting new addition to Call of Duty: Mobile’s array of tactical equipment. Unlocking it by continuing to engage with Season 1 content enables players to integrate clever and unconventional strategies. Ambush setups, area denial and manipulating opponent decision-making represent just some of the possibilities. The Trip Sensor may quickly become a multiplayer favorite and staple among tactical loadouts.

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