How to play online with friends in The Quarry [Full Guide]


The game is all about being scared, but you can also share your spooky adventure with friends if that’s what gets them into the mood. To play The Quarry multi-player mode simply select “Play With Friends” from within start menu and then choose how many people want to join in on this haunted house party!

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How you can play co-op with your friends in “The Quarry

Below you can see two different ways to play The Quarry with your friends:

  • Single /Multiplayer
  • Couch Co-op or Local Co-op

How to play local co-op in The Quarry?

The Quarry offers a local co-op mode where up to eight players can play together on one television screen. The player simply needs to pass the controller back and forth between friends during gameplay, so no matter how many people are in your party there will always be someone playing!

How to play online multiplayer in The Quarry?

The Quarry’s multiplayer mode is like no other. The host controls your character throughout the game, but other players can vote on every decision and action that happens in-between! All choices are basically decided by who has more power – so it may be best to collaborate with others if you want any say over what happens next
The outcome of each decision will depend upon which option gets support from both sides; however there really isn’t much room for error because everything hinges around voting numbers.

How you can play couch co-op in The Quarry

When you head to the main menu of this game and select “Couch Co-op,” make sure that each player has an individual character assigned. You can also change their accessibility option from within these settings if needed!

How many people can play multiplayer in The Quarry?

The game, The Quarry is perfect for up to eight players. Like the couch co-op mode it has limited support across different platforms so you’ll want everyone playing on similar hardware if possible! You can play this fun competitive match three title Microsoft Windows (PC), PS5 ,PS4 Xbox Series X|S and One.