How to Take on Solo vs Squad in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a multiplayer battle royale game where a team consisting of four members fight it out against other players to achieve the ultimate goal of a chicken dinner.

BGMI is generally played with four members in a team. Some players prefer more action packed games and want to enhance their solo skills for which they prefer to play solo vs squad. Seasoned players play solo vs squad to improve their skills and test their abilities.

Tips to improve Solo vs Squad skills

Playing solo vs squad provides players with different kinds of situations and also helps improve solo survival skills. Players should follow these tips in order to achieve the best possible result and improve their skills.

Players will have to choose an appropriate landing spot where there are less number of enemies and sufficient loot. Landing in a place with a maximum number of enemies or hot drops can result in early elimination. Players can choose spots such as Gatka, Mansion, School or Farm. You should avoid places such as Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base and Georgopol containers which are hot drops and have a high number of teams.

Players will have to have sufficient loot in order to take fights with enemy teams. They should have a good amount of ammunition, healing supplies and throwables such as frag grenades and smoke grenades. A good amount of loot will allow players to take back to back fights without having to worry about ammunition or healing supplies. 

The choice of weapons is the most essential part in solo vs squad. Players will need to avoid using snipers and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) as it will affect close range fights in last circles. Having a good close range weapon like AKM, or the recent Shotgun meta weapon the DBS can be used. Players will also need a weapon to take mid to long range battles. M416 is one of the best weapons to take fights in this distance and it can also be mastered easily. 

Engage in fights which are easily winnable. Players should hop in a vehicle and lookout for existing fights and assess the situation and then at the right moment engage in that fight. This will help beginner players build their confidence. Taking fights which are not necessary in the start of the game or mid game can lead to elimination as teams in these phases are usually ready to take fights and solo players can be outnumbered. 

Maps in BGMI such as Erangel provide enough cover to hide or camp. Players should wisely use such cover to their strategic advantage. Hiding in cover and surprising enemies can result in players getting multiple knockdowns or finishes

It is important to note that playing solo vs squad is not an easy task as players will struggle at the start but following these tips will help you gain advantage over your enemies.