Jeon Jung-Hyun – BTS’ Jungkook’S brother, instagram etc.

jeon jung-hyun

jeon jung-hyun: BTS Jungkook’s older brother, Jeon Jung Hyun, has made headlines again. This time, it is due to Jungkook shifting possession of his Yongsan City Park condo to him, as mentioned with the aid of using Biz Hankook. The flat’s market fee is predicted to be round four billion KRW, i.e., round 3.four million USD.

jeon jung-hyun

Jungkook’s internet really well worth is anticipated to be round 20 million USD as of 2021 so this selection does not come as a wonder for fans. Even aleven though the idol rarely talks approximately his brother, it’s miles recognised that Jung Hyun is near with him and additionally the relaxation of the BTS members.

BTS individuals rarely screen whatever approximately their own circle of relatives individuals, specifically siblings. But ARMYs have determined out, if now no longer much, a large amount of statistics approximately the group’s maknae Jungkook’s elder brother.

Jeon Jung-Hyun Instagram

While many stuff are nevertheless withinside the dark – including his age and profession – way to his public Instagram account, enthusiasts have a barely higher information of Jung Hyun. Jungkook’s ‘Golden Maknae’ tag comes from him incorporating the greatest genes from his parents, as stated via way of means of enthusiasts. So it is best obvious that Jung Hyun might additionally be a significantly gifted individual and it makes ARMYs need to realize who he’s.

We realize Jung Hyun is elder to the BTS member however via way of means of what number of years? According to Channel Korea, a few enthusiasts accept as true with he changed into born in 1994, whilst a few accept as true with he changed into born in 1995. There’s no concrete proof of ways vintage he definitely is, however going via way of means of what enthusiasts have noted, he’s at the least years older than our maknae.

Thanks to Instagram and the few humorous moments he has shared with BTS members, we realize that his pastimes are drawing, portray and photography.

Jungkook’s brother might be the most important ARMY as his preceding Instagram become full of a couple of hilarious drawings of the members. Whether it become to have fun their Billboard award or simply having a laugh with the group’s eldest, Jin, Jung Hyun showcased his creative self to the general public many times.

However, there had been instances while DAY6’s Sungjin’s photographs had been circulated claiming him to be Jeon Jung Hyun. But K-pop stans speedy observed that that wasn’t the case. Sungjin additionally has a huge spherical nostril with doe-eyes and nearly looks as if pre-debut Jungkook, so we will recognize how the misinterpretations started.

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