Kangana Ranaut Deletes Post Criticizing Bollywood Celebs for Silence on Chandigarh Attack; Screenshot Goes Viral


Kangana Ranaut criticized Bollywood celebrities for their silence following an incident at Chandigarh airport where a CISF official allegedly attacked her. Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and singer Mika Singh were among the few who publicly supported her on X (formerly Twitter).

On Friday, June 7, Kangana posted a lengthy message on her Instagram stories, questioning why Bollywood figures were not speaking out about the attack. She warned that they could face similar threats in the future. However, she deleted the post shortly after sharing it. Despite this, a screenshot of the note has spread widely on social media.

In her now-deleted post, Kangana wrote:

“Dear film industry, you all are either celebrating or are totally silent about the airport attack on me. Remember, if you walk unprotected in your own country or elsewhere and face an attack for your stance on issues like Rafah or Israeli hostages, I will be the one defending your right to free speech. If you ever wonder why I am where I am, remember it’s because you are not me.

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Kangana also criticized celebrities for their recent ‘All eyes on Rafah’ posts, accusing them of failing to support her. She wrote:

“All eyes on Rafah gang, this could happen to you or your children too. Celebrating a terror attack on someone may come back to you as well.”

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The incident at Chandigarh airport occurred on June 6 when Kangana was allegedly slapped by CISF personnel Kulwinder Kaur, who has since been suspended. Kaur reportedly stated that she slapped Kangana because the actress had called farmers participating in the protest “terrorists and Khalistanis.” In a video circulating on social media, Kaur mentioned that her mother was among the protesters.

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Kangana, an MP from Mandi, later issued a statement claiming that Kaur not only slapped her but also verbally abused her. She expressed concerns about growing terrorism in Punjab and described the attack as being in a “signature Khalistani style” on her Instagram stories.