Kojima Is Making a New Action Espionage Game – But It’s Not Metal Gear – Flizzyy

Hideo Kojima appeared during the recent State of Play showcase following the release of an all-new story trailer for Death Stranding 2 that honestly left us with more questions than answers. It was a bizarre walkthrough of a game that promises to twist our minds in irreparable ways, but that’s just Kojima-san’s gig.

He also announced that he’s working on a new, unrevealed action espionage title that’s being fully backed by the technical power of SIE. It was said that it’ll be ‘blurring the boundaries between film and games’, but despite the premise, it has nothing to do with Metal Gear.

That would get Kojima in trouble.

He’s Back

For years, players have mourned what could be called the loss of Metal Gear Solid. It has been almost ten years since Kojima left Konami and bid farewell to Metal Gear, moving on to what could be considered greener pastures. He has since bloomed in a creative respect while Metal Gear has suffered immeasurably. Following his departure, Metal Gear Survive was released, and it quickly became the worst-rated Metal Gear title ever.

However, it seems that Kojima isn’t quite done with the concept of tactical espionage action.

During the PlayStation State of Play event, Kojima teased an all-new project focused around an action espionage premise that’ll feature ‘cutting-edge technology and a stellar cast’. It was said by Kojima Productions in a follow-up post on social media that it’ll ‘offer near life-like graphics and a new take on interactive entertainment.’

It’s already guaranteed to be a banger.

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