MLBB The Aspirants Event Rerun Unveiled on the Advanced Server

MLBB The Aspirants Event Rerun Unveiled on the Advanced Server


The Aspirants skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) may be making a comeback soon, as revealed on the advanced server of the game. The upcoming draw event will feature the limited-time anime-themed skins for Ruby and Angela. Similar to previous iterations, the Aspirants Mobile Legends event shall also provide players with free tokens to test their luck in acquiring skins or cosmetics. A guaranteed Epic tier or higher skin is also given to players with each 10x draw they make. The first phase of the event is speculated to kick off in late November followed by the second phase in early December. Moonton is yet to officially confirm the return of The Aspirants skins in ML.

What is The Aspirants skins in ML release date?

According to data miners, the release date for The Aspirants skins in Mobile Legends is speculated to be on 25th November 2023. However, players will not be able to pull for a chance to acquire them until the second phase of the event on 9th December.

Keep in mind that the release date mentioned above is yet to be confirmed by Moonton. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more details in the future.

The Aspirants event may also feature the two skins Mecha Maiden Ruby and Cyber Cherubin Angela. Both skins can be acquired either through the draw event or the Terinia minigame. 

How to get guaranteed The Aspirants skins in Mobile Legends?

While players have the chance to obtain anime-themed skins randomly through the draw event, there’s a specific method that ensures players unlock The Aspirants skin in ML. 

For each 10 draws from the event players can get one Orb of Hope token. This token can then be used to play the Terinia minigame. To start the game, players must drop the token in the platform provided. If it lands on one of the Glowing chests at the bottom, one random unowned Epic Tier or higher skin shall be given with one of the featured The Aspirants skin prioritized in the possible drops.


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