MobaZane Disappointed That NA Has Become a Joke in M5 World Championship

North America’s revered Mobile Legends: Bang Bang veterans, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun and Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl, candidly discussed TheOhioBrothers’ (TOB) underwhelming performance in the M5 World Championship. Expressing disappointment, the duo lamented the team’s struggle to secure a spot in the Knockout Stage, noting the slow decline of North America’s (NA) reputation within the Mobile Legends community. The two pro players further reflected on NA’s pinnacle during the M3 World Championship and voiced concern about how the region’s performance has been a disaster in recent international tournaments.

M3 World Championship Was the start and the end for NA, according to MobaZane

Through a live watch party during Day 2 of the M5 World Championship, MobaZane and FwydChickn shared their thoughts on how some viewers were making fun of the NA region shortly after TheOhioBrothers lost against Deus Vult with a 1-2 score.

“I saw someone say NA stands for ‘Nearest Airport’, and I got kind of sad,” FwydChickn shared. “What NA has become?”

MobaZane echoed by saying “Jokes aside, I do feel it too. It does make me sad how f*****g pathetic this country (NA) has gotten (in MLBB esports).”

He further claimed that the M3 World Championship was “supposed to be the start… then it was the end” of NA’s chapter in the Mobile Legends esports scene.

MobaZane was referring to the noteworthy performance of BloodThirstyKings (BTK) during the M3 World Championship, where they astounded fans with a compelling showing. The NA team was able to finish third place and even defeated the fan-favorite Blacklist International in the upper bracket quarterfinals but eventually lost in their fated rematch in the Upper Bracket Final.

It was the furthest that an NA team has reached in the world stage as the succeeding team, The Valley, even with MobaZane leading the pack, only finished 5th-6th place back in the M4 World Championship.