Mobile Legends Ling Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Ling build guide will focus on how to optimize the hero’s potential by offering recommendations for items, emblems, and Battle Spells to enhance your gameplay. Assassin heroes are one of the most commonly used junglers in the game. This is why a lot of players are looking to know the best Ling build and revamped emblems as well as how to play him properly. This hero has a high skill requirement and may be hard to play for new players or those who are yet to be familiar with the jungle role. It is advisable to play with friends, especially a roamer who can help you with ganking lanes or securing objectives.

Here is a Mobile Legends Ling build guide, including his best items, revamped emblems, Battle Spells, and more.

Ling skills in Mobile Legends

Ultimate: Tempest of Blades

Ling leaps into the air, becoming invincible and gaining extra Movement Speed. He can move freely when in the air. He then lands on the ground, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in the area, knocking those in the center airborne, and creating a Sword Field.

Four Tempest of Blades will also appear on the edge of the Sword Field. Ling can touch them to reduce the cooldown of Finch Poise Finch Poise by, reset the cooldown of Defiant Sword, and gain Lightness points.

Best Ling Build in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended build for Ling in MLBB;

Best Ling Emblem in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Revamped Emblem for Ling in MLBB;

Best Battle Spell for Ling in Mobile Legends

Here are the suggested Battle Spells for Ling in MLBB;

  • Retribution – A must-have for jungler. You can’t farm without it.

  • Flicker– General Battle Spell for all heroes who need extra mobility. Use only if Ling is not playing as a Jungler