Day 3 of Upthrust Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGMI) Challengers Showdown Eliminator Week has concluded with seasoned squads dominating the event. Experienced teams like Revenant Esports, Mogo Esports, Team 8Bit and Team XSpark showed consistent performances on Day 3 of the Eliminator Week. The upcoming squad of GenxFM Esports also put forth good fights against the seasoned teams.

The event will see 24 teams compete for a spot in the Semi Finals.

Mogo Esports shows aggressive gameplay on Day 3 of Eliminator Week

The seasoned squad of Mogo Esports (previously Team Destro) showed aggressive performances across all its matches on Day 3 of the Eliminator Week which helped it grab a total of 133 points along with 3 chicken dinners, 85 of which came via finishes. Parth “DeltaPG” Garg and Justin “Justin” Nadar were the star performers for Mogo Esports with 31 and 26 finishes respectively across matches.

Revenant Esports placed second with 87 points and 2 chicken dinners. GenxFM Esports placed third, it continued its momentum from Day 2 and got 87 points and 1 chicken dinner. Team XSpark placed fourth and climbed into the top 5 with 86 points and 1 chicken dinner. Team 8Bit placed fifth with 83 points along with 1 chicken dinner. THW Esports and Godlike Esports placed sixth and seventh and got 82 points each with THW earning 2 chicken dinners and Godlike earning 1 chicken dinner. Team Psyche got three chicken dinners in the Eliminator Week but was placed in the eighth spot with 79 points.

  • Parth “DeltaPG” Garg (Mogo Esports) – 31 finishes.

  • Justin “Justin” Nadar (Mogo Esports) – 26 finishes.

  • JDGaming (GenxFM Esports) – 25 finishes.

  • Max (WindGod Esports) – 22 finishes.

  • GoTen (4King Esports) – 21 finishes.

A few seasoned teams like Orangutan, Team Zero and Team Aaru could not put forth consistent performances and placed in the second half of the points table. These teams were not able to grab a place in the top 16 to qualify for the Semi Finals and have been eliminated from the event.