Natasa Stankovic’s Close Bond With Disha Patani’s Alleged Boyfriend Amid Divorce Rumors Has Created A Buzz


Natasa Stankovic seems to have found solace in the company of a new person amid the rumors of her divorce from Hardik Pandya. Reports indicate that she has developed feelings for this mystery man, whose identity has recently come to light.

Will I spill the tea?': Natasa Stankovic posts another cryptic Instagram  story amid rumours of divorce with Hardik Pandya – Firstpost

The news of Indian cricket star Hardik Pandya’s divorce has been making waves, especially with Natasa being spotted with a mysterious individual. Details about this person have surfaced, indicating that he is rumored to be Disha Patani’s boyfriend. Natasa’s affection for him has become apparent, a fact that was apparently known to Pandya even before their marriage. This revelation has left many fans in disbelief.

Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya exchanged vows in 2020, following a pregnancy that occurred while they were dating. Now, after four years, their marriage appears to be on the rocks. Natasa has taken steps to distance herself from Pandya by deleting their photos from social media and removing his surname from her profile. Subsequently, she has been seen frequently with Disha Patani’s alleged beau, further fueling speculation about her romantic interests.

Natasa’s recent social media activity amidst the divorce rumors has stirred curiosity among followers.

Who Is Alexander Ilic? Disha Patani's Rumored Boyfriend Recently Spotted  With Natasa Stankovic

Who Is Alexander Ilic? Disha Patani's Rumored Boyfriend Recently Spotted  With Natasa Stankovic

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced indicating that the mystery man with whom Natasa has been seen is actually her brother, as revealed in a shared picture in September 2020. This newfound information sheds a different light on the situation, suggesting that their relationship may be purely familial.