Next Metro Title is a Single-Player VR Game, It’s Claimed – Flizzyy

Metro has stood relatively silent as a series since the release of Exodus in 2019. This legendary post-apocalpytic franchise has given the likes of Fallout a run for its money since debuting way back in 2010, but in recent years, fans have been wondering what could be next for the franchise. Months ago, we exclusively revealed that the next big Metro game was in a playable state and offered up some details about the story and how it all begins.

However, recent claims have suggested that this next game will be a single-player VR project called Metro Awakening – and it’s due to be revealed in the coming days.

Well, That Will Be Terrifying

It could be the reveal that fans certainly haven’t been waiting for. There were claims circulating a while ago that the next Metro game would be an open-world multiplayer title, but the latest rumours are suggesting it’s going to be revealed as an intense, horrifying VR game.

In our exclusive report, we detailed some of the early-game scenes:

It was said that the game starts the player off in a dream sequence, where you’ll then wake up at your base of operations.

On Twitter, user Kurakasis claimed that the title for the next game is Metro Awakening, a name that would gel almost perfectly with the impression we were given about the story.

Given the choice between a VR game – which many are suspecting could be PSVR 2 exclusive – and an open-world, post-apocalyptic title, we know which option the series’ fans would lean towards. It’s a hard thing to wait for almost five years for news about a new game, only to learn that what’s coming addresses a niche market that’s still evolving.

Could there be two Metro titles in development in parallel? That’s not a far-fetched claim.

We’ve reached out to 4A Games for more information.

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