Pacman 30th Anniversary: How to Play Pacman Doodle?

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Recently, Google celebrated the Pacman 30th anniversary through the amazing doodle. No doubt Pacman holds a special place in our hearts. At least once in a lifetime, everyone plays the game, and honestly, a lot of memories are connected with the game. We played games, enjoyed ourselves and made lots of memory. But have you ever wondered what the history behind such an outstanding game is? Who developed the game? Who is the founder of the game? Google reminded us of the gem of the early gaming industry. Don’t you think you should feel the same nostalgia again?

Pacman 30th Anniversary

If so, don’t worry; we will guide you on how to play the game. Before that, let’s look at the game’s brief history. We will find the original roots of the game. Wasting no time, let’s get started. Know all about your favorite game, “Pacman.”

Pacman 30th anniversary

Google celebrated Pacman’s 30th anniversary by doodling the Pac man Art; you play the game for free. In later sections, we will discuss how you can visit the Pacman game.

For now, know more about the game and its history.

Pacman’s 30th anniversary is not the actual celebration of the game; instead, the birthday of the parent company is celebrated as the 30th anniversary. The game was first launched in 1980 by Namco Limited. After its release game became popular. The increase in popularity and easy availability made users play games more often. And even now, the games like PUBG can’t defeat Pacman by popularity.

Earlier, the game did not have enough users and players, but later, the game appeared on various platforms. The main reason games gained so much popularity is because they made them easy to access. And even today, you can find the game for free. However, even after 30 year’s game has the same charm and craziness. Games influenced the entire generation. We dedicate a huge part of their childhood to the game. Google celebrated the legendary game by giving free access to the game. Let’s know about the origin of the game.

History of Pacman

The history of the invention of the Pacman is funny. According to the creator, he was inspired by the Pizza with two slices already eaten. It’s the same shape as the Pizza without two slices. In-game, save the Pacman from the predator and try to collect as many points as you can. It’s fun, easy and quite interesting for everyone.

Pacman 30th Anniversary

As we mentioned above, history started back in the 19s. The game was named “GALAGA” in its initial stage. Later, with the addition of a new feature, the game was named “PACMAN.” The game started with the fighter features and bonus stage. There were only a few features at that stage.

In 1982, they again released the game with more features; this time, the name was “PACMAN FEVER,” with more female characteristics. Few changes made the game popular; many new people joined it and even loved it.

The era of Pacman’s popularity begins after the release. Several developers joined hands to add more features, scoring system and other benefits are added constantly.

Finally, the game was available on Xbox, PlayStation, and other popular gaming platforms for years. The history of Pacman is simple: the game was launched, and later the game gained so much popularity that it made its place in people’s hearts.

Although, today, Pacman doesn’t even need the installation. You can play the game on a Google console. Easy, fun, and more effective than actually installing the game. Enough history. Do you want to know how you can play for free? Raed the next section. You will know the simplest way to play the game.

How to Play Pacman?

After the google celebration, playing is free and also legal. It’s easy to get started with the game. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps mentioned below :

Pacman 30th Anniversary
  • Step1: Type the Pacman 30th anniversary on the google search engine. And there you will see Google’s Doodle.
  • Step2: Click on the Doodle, or else you will see the option to Play. Probably you see the below art :
  • Step 3: Click the “Play” option to start the game.

“Play “will directly take you to the game. If you are using a PC, then you use the arrows to move the Pacman, and in the android’s/iPhone case, you can control it directly through the screen. This version has many benefits; one is that you don’t need to download any extra files. There is no need for advanced games. Therefore, you just need a device and internet to access the game.

Don’t waste your time here. Enjoy the game now.


When was the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man?

Pacman’s anniversary is celebrated on May 21. Google pays tribute to the widely popular game on a particular day. Google made a doodle with the Pac-man and updated it for the entire day. Along with that, you can even play the game just by clicking on the doodle. For further details, visit the above section.

Is there an end to Ms. Pacman?

Yes, Pacman ends at the 32nd level. In the end, Pacman says goodbye to the players. If you ever reached level 32, you can experience how Pacman ends—reaching the 32 levels is impossible for everyone. Still, anyone with good gaming skills can try to reach the end.

Can you still play Pac-Man?

Yes, you can play Pacman. Regardless of the game’s age, it’s still available to play. Now, the technology is more advanced; thus, it’s much easier for the players to access the game. All you need to do is search for “Pacman 30th anniversary”. Click on the play option.

How many levels are in Pac-Man Doodle?

Pac-Man Doodle has 255 levels. Yes, playing doodle Pac-man is easy and challenging. Anyway, it’s easy and interesting to play the game. You should try the game.