RRQ Lemon and XINNN Explain Why They Are Skipping MPL ID Season 13

RRQ Lemon and XINNN Explain Why They Are Skipping MPL ID Season 13

The stalwart figures of RRQ Indonesia, Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan and Yesaya “XINNN” Wowiling, disclosed the reasoning behind their decision to take a hiatus for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 13. Their decision unfolded even before the official roster reveal, as they shared their perspective on the team’s expanded talent pool, signaling that the time had come for them to gracefully step back.

According to XINNN, he and Lemon will continue to support RRQ behind the scenes as the new and younger members compete in the upcoming MPL ID Season 13.

Lemon and XINNN explain the reason for their hiatus 

Through a livestream hosted by RRQ’s inactive EXP Laner, Rivaldi “R7” Fatah, the legendary figures of the King of Kings, Lemon and XINNN, shed light on their rationale for taking a step back and embracing a hiatus during the MPL ID Season 13.

XINNN articulated his decision, stating, “I’m taking a break because it’s been enough, guys. There are younger players who are more talented, so it’s better for us to focus on entertaining and supporting our friends.”

Adding to the sentiment, Lemon stated, “So that other players don’t get bored seeing us, and we’re a bit tired too.”

The announcement of their hiatus, made on 9th January 2024, stirred curiosity among fans. Lemon and XINNN have been integral members of the RRQ legacy for a significant number of years, especially Lemon, who has been a steadfast presence since Season 1 despite skipping a few seasons. 

In a much-anticipated revelation, RRQ unveiled a makeover of its roster for the MPL ID Season 13. Noteworthy additions include three Filipino imports and the infusion of fresh talent from an amateur team. Furthermore, the team has strategically elevated two promising players from RRQ Senna, seamlessly integrating them into the professional league lineup. 

It will be interesting to see how this lineup performs in the upcoming MPL ID Season 13.

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