Ruok FF id, Stats & YouTube Channel 2022

Ruok FF Free Fire ID

Ruok FF id, Stats & YouTube: With the rise of online multiplayer games, many new games are being launched every day. but only a few of them make a way into our hearts. and these multiplayer games which you can play online with your friends for a friendly and competitive nature have given Us many great players. And a few of them who play fantastically well is getting popular every day. and in that culture, a mobile video game called free fire has also contributed a lot. Free Fire mobile games have given us players like Ruok FF (FreeFire). And due to their popularity, everybody wants to get connected and become game friends with them. Now let’s deep dive into it and find out how you can find Ruok FF’s FreeFire ID.

What is Free Fire (FF)?

Free Fire (FF) is the Number one action game in Google’s android application play store. In the Free Fire (FF), you play against online Players also playing the same Free Fire (FF) game and survive till the end to get declared the winner of the game. So in normal words, It is a Survival game and in which you can choose your landing place or starting place by jumping from a plane with a parachute. And then you survive the whole game. To survive you have to stay in a Safe zone and you can use the vehicle for transportation from one place to another in the game.

All the players Including you can find different kinds of virtual weapons in the game in order to ensure your survival in the game. You can use these virtual weapons so that you can eliminate the opponent and stay in the game. Each gameplay is 10 minutes long and you can play with your friends as a team against other teams. For the communication with your teammates during the game. You can use the in-game audio chat.

Ruok FF (Free Fire) ID

Ruok FF is one of the most famous free-fire mobile game players from Thailand. With his exceptional gameplay in the game free fire, he has earned the love of millions of players around the world.

Ruok FF Free Fire ID
Ruok FF (Free Fire) ID

That is why a lot of people are looking for Ruok FF free Fire ID So that they can add him as a friend in the game. by adding anyone in the game as a friend you can play alongside them as their team member.

“261109577” is the ID number of Ruok FF in the game Free Fire.

Ruok FF Free fire stats

Now let’s talk about the exceptional lifetime stats of the world-famous Ruok FF free Fire stats. As you know that you can play free fire in three different styles that is solo duo and squad. and that is why we have separate all of these

Ruok FF Free fire stats


In the solo gameplay ruok, FF has Played 1633 games till now and he had won 502 out of them. While he had killed 6473 players which is exceptional considering the competition in online games these days.


Ruok FF Had shown no mercy in dual gameplay also. he had played 2434 games and out of these 2434, he had worn around 983 games. While playing the duo mode of gameplay he had killed 11993 players which makes him one of the merciless players in the whole free Fire game.


Just like the solo and duo gameplay of free fire, blue Ruok FF is merciless in Squad gameplay also. He had one 2600 games out of 6259 he played in his lifetime. which is one of the highest meaning percentages ever on the whole free fire game. Even while playing as a squad player he had successfully eliminated 30,412 players which is unbelievable.

Remember these are not permanent stats. And it will get change as soon as Rouk FF starts playing the free Fire game.

Importance of stats

In a game, your stats show that how well you perform in different situations and combinations. These Stats also show how good of a player you are, and what your strengths are. Because when you are in team gameplay you need different types of players in your team so that you can taste the success.

One player could be a better sniper who can eliminate the opponent from a long distance. And the other one could be a tactical expert, who can eliminate opponents in one to one fight.

By analyzing your stats you can easily figure out what type of player you are or what type of player you want in your team. If you want to get success as a team in any game you should look out for the stats.

Ruok FF YouTube channel

Ruok Started a YouTube channel in February 2016 but he gained popularity as any you tuber looked for it around March 2019. And he hit the golden 5 million YouTube subscriber mark in December 2020.

Till October 2021 he has only 95 videos uploaded along with a few live streams. but he is having an average of half a million viewers a day.

And if we talk about his ranking as you tuber he adds 21st rank in the whole Thailand country. while he is adding 1200 ranks all over the world for the subscriber count. As for the estimation he had earned $1,000,000 last year.

Other than YouTube he also has a fan base of 450,000 followers on Instagram alone where he has only 16 posts. as per the financial estimations Ruok is earning around 10000 us dollars per Month From the Instagram promotion alone.

Final Thoughts

To conclude my article I will say that there are many good players in the whole free fire game. but only a few make history and Ruok FF (FreeFire) is one of them. We Have already covered so much about Ruok FF (FreeFire) ID, stats, and Subscriber count. If you think we missed anything or you want to know more about Ruok FF (FreeFire) let us know in the comment section we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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