Satta Matka DP Boss Kalyan Matka 2022: How to Play Satta Matka online?

Satta Matka

Want to know about Satta Matka? Don’t the about this 90s Game?

Don’t worry! We will provide you with all the required information about the Game. We will cover all the dimensions of the game. Before that, let’s know a little about the game.

What is Satta Matka? | What is DP Boss Kalyan Matka?

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Satta Matka is a 90s popular game, which involves guessing the number followed by a series of adding and drawing the number from the market. The game is complicated for a beginner but with the specific rules and regulations, you can play the game easily.

Satta Matka
Satta Matka

It is, however, the 90s game but the game into the limelight again. Now the game is at its peak in terms of popularity as an online game. Thus, we are going to discuss how you can play the Satta Matka game online.

We will discuss all the required information to get started with the Satta Matka. Read below!

How to play Satta Matka number guessing?

Satta Matka is a gambling game in which you have to choose a number and your win is based upon your guessing. The game has no specific strategy and the only thing here matter is luck. Still, to play the game you have to know how what are the rules.

Read below!

  • First, choose any random number from 0 to 9. You need to choose the three numbers.
  • These three numbers are going to be added together. After adding the number, the fourth number got is kept with the already chosen words. You will have the four numbers along with the previous numbers.                            
  • Now the gambler has the option to choose from these four numbers. Any number chosen from these numbers is on a gamble.
  • Players win if the chosen number is the same as the number taken from the pot or they will lose. The intimidating thing is that the chances of receiving the same number as of gambler chose is rare.

Thus, the game is based on luck and probability. As we mentioned before, the number is taken from the Matka, thus; the game is known as Satta Matka. Games involve both gambling and Matka or pot. 

Terminology of the Satta Matka

You might know how to play the game but the terminology plays an important role in the method. Here, is the commonly used terminology in Satta Matka. Read Below :

  • Matka -According to Hindi, Matka refers to the clay pot. In reference to the game, pots are used to shuffle the number, and the number is placed in the market. Matka is one of the most important parts.
  • Single  – Single is referred to as any number between 0 to 9. The number involved in the betting is called betting.
  • Patti/ Panna–Patti / Panna is the three number chosen while gambling. These are the three numbers that were chosen at the star.
  • Jodi / Pair – These are referred to as a pair of two numbers between 00 and 99.
  • Open result / Closed result –The result of gambling is divided into two parts, the first one is known as an Open result and the other one is known as a closed result.
  • SP/DP / TP–SP / DP / TP- SP/DP / TP–SP / DP / TP are referred to the same thing. The only difference here is in the numbers. In the full form of SP is single Patti, The full form of DP is Double Patti and, The full form of TP is Triple Patti.
  • Cycle Patti – Cycle Patti is used with a triplet, the last two digits of a triple-digit are known as the Triple Patti.
  • Farak – Farak is also known as the difference between a close result and an open result. For example, the Jodi is 45 then the difference is going to be 4-5 = 1
  • Berij – Berji is just opposite of the Farak . We refer Orji to as the sum of the last two-digit. Let’s take the example,

Same number 45 , 4+ 5= 9

Tips to Play Satta Matka

Satta Matka

Satta Matka is one of those games which helps you earn a lot of money through gambling. The game is entirely based on gambling,in contrast, there are certain tips and tricks which will help you win the game. Below are the tips and tricks for you :

Don’t fall into the trap of fraud online websites–Playing online Matka is a risky game. Be sure about the website you are using because the popularity of the game has influenced a lot of new developers to involve in this game.

  • First thing is to know the rules of the Satta Matka. Know all the rules and keep all the rules in mind while playing gaming.
  • Start with the simple bets. This helps you avoid major losses. You only need to choose the easy number and choose the lower amounts.
  • Never repeat the same mistakes–Gambling is the game of luck, however, you need to play the man to win. Guess the numbers correctly. Do not repeat the same mistakes in the entire game.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of fraud online websites–Playing online Matka is a risky game. Be sure about the website you are using because the popularity of the game has influenced a lot of new developers to involve in this game.

Well, you will learn all about the game while playing and betting. For that, start. Get started and eventually you will learn!

How to Play Satta Matka online?

Satta Matka is gaining popularity again after the 90s. People are looking for alternatives to playing online Satta Matka. There are various websites through which you can play Satta Matka online. Here are the websites and applications through which you can play online Satta Matka.

Top Methods to play online Satta Matka :

1.7 Star Matka–Online Matka Play App – 7 Star Matka–Online Matka Play App is one of the top apps through which you can make a lot of money. This app is the first for users. The application is not available in the play store, to download it, to have to search the application by the name. Enter the name and then download the application by clicking on any of the websites.

2.RS Games 143 – RS Games is a website that provides the method to play online Satta Matka. Website is one of the trusted methods. Here, the payment is trusted with no glitches. To Play the Satta Matka, you need to visit the website and then register. Done, that’s it, start playing the game.

3. Kalyan Matka Online App–Kalayn Matka App can be one of the most trusted methods to play the game. Application has an immense user base. To play, first, download the application. The app is available in the play store. Just go there and then search for the application and install it. After registering, you can start playing the Satta Matka.

 4. Instant Online Matka App–Instant Online Matka Application is another app that allows you to play the game. Application is trusted and faithful. The application follows the same process, first go to the play store and then download the application. After the installation, you can start playing the game.

How to guess the Satta Matka Number? | How to do Matka Guessing

Satta Matka is quite difficult to guess. still, there are a few tricks you can use to win the Satta Matka. The game is based on your guessing skills. As the game involves addition, subtraction, and multiplication, you can use these as a trick to win the game. Choose the number strategically. Do a calculation in your head before choosing the number.

Let’s see some of the popular tricks and tips  :

Most people follow this rule, pick yesterday’s closing number, first total these numbers and then take the cut and add 2. This is one trick people used to win the game the next day.

For example :

If the closing number is 25, first total these two numbers, 2+5=7, now we the cut of 2. Now use the second formula to get the exact number.

Take the winning number and then subtract these two numbers. As a result, we will have 2 numbers.

From these two methods, we will get four numbers. These four numbers are going to be in opening and closing numbers.

For example :

Taking the same example, 25 is our yesterday’s closing number.

First, subtract the numbers, 2-5= 3, the cut of three is 8. Now, we have three numbers 2-7-3-8.

From the above two formulas, we have four numbers, 2-7-3-8,

These four numbers are more likely to appear in the next day’s opening and closing numbers.

Satta Matka is gambling, thus, any trick may fail at any moment, but this trick is one of the proven tricks which will help you win money. So, you can try it in your next game.  


Anyone with an internet connection can play within a few minutes, but the crucial part is how you can get started with the betting and start making money. Betting requires experience and a loss not to repeat the same thing. Keep the previous mistakes as a lesson and make progress in upcoming games.