Sid Says BGMI Teams Will Never Unite Against Cheaters

The ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has been under a lot of scrutiny since it started in late November. The league stage of the event has concluded but it has been surrounded with controversies. The significant one being, players getting banned on the official live streams. Many esports athletes and well known personalities from the BGMI community have come forward to talk about the issue of players cheating in the event and shared their thoughts.

In a recent , S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, Manager, Team Soul talked about how teams can unite and take a stand against cheaters but also proceeded to say that teams don’t want to talk about the issue and will only talk about it if they are affected.

Sid talks about BGMI teams uniting against cheaters

A viewer asked Sid why don’t seasoned teams take a stand and refuse to play against teams that are cheating to which he responded, “I will tell you the main problem, the people or teams who are talking about unity will only talk about the issue from season to season. This time it was Entity’s Manager who raised questions about cheaters and said that we should do something about it. I also liked the things he said. But there are many T1 teams who do not care about unity or forming a union to take a stand against these issues.”

Sid proceeded to name the teams who he thinks will take a stand against cheaters and said, “Team Insane, Blind Esports, Hydra Esports, Team Soul, Team XSpark, Entity, Revenant Esports, Gladiators Esports, Gods Reign, Global Esports, Godlike Esports, Enigma Gaming, OR Esports and Orangutan Gaming, these are the fourteen teams that I think should unite and decide that until the publisher does something for the cheating issue, we will not play any events.”

“But do you guys really think that any of the fourteen organizations are willing to unite against the issue? They will never unite. Until they face the consequences no one will be willing to unite and that’s how it’s been working for the longest period of time. Because of this issue we are not able to make progress and are still stuck at the same place we were years ago. It’s been over ten years for esports in India and there has been no unity among the organizations and I don’t think it will ever happen.”

The Grand Finals of BMPS 2023 will begin on 15th December and the fans are hoping that the teams and players will not be distracted by the issue and put forth their best performances in the LAN event.