Star Wars Hunters review 2022 – Intense Multiplayer Battles Across the Galaxy


Star Wars Hunters review- In 2018, Zynga announced the development of the new star war game known as Star War: Hunters. From the day of the announcement to the day, the game was released. There was excitement and a feeling of joy in the players yet. Players were excited they will have something new and unique. Although, you don’t need to be a Star Wars fan to understand the game. It’s a simple battle game that includes the star Wars setup and their weapons. Star War: Hunter is a pretty cool game, but the question here is what are the reviews of the game?

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Star Wars Hunters review

Let’s have a look at Star Wars: Hunters review!


Star war: Hunters is a competitive arena combat game. The game is a multiplayer arena game with a Star Wars theme. Players can play as bounty hunters. The game aims to fight the battles and win the game. It’s like other battle games. Enter the game, play, and help yourself win the game. The game has many weapons, characters, and maps to ensure you can customize the game according to your preference. Star War Hunter is all about making strategies and implementing them to win the game.

Star war Hunter is set in the Galactic Civil War on the Planet of Vespaara. If you are star Wars, then you will know what these are, and even if you are not, then it’s unnecessary to know. Without wasting time, let’s get into the Star Wars: Hunters review.


Star War: Hunters are a breath of fresh air. You will find the game interesting. It’s fun, new and there are several new features will see. Graphics are pleasing to the eye. The sound is good and the battling feature is superb. There is nothing much to criticize, but there are a few areas where the game still needs improvements. Graphics and Sound need polishing and improvements. Other than the animation, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the game.

Currently, the game has 4 out of seven characters unlocked, these characters are classified into 3 categories. Others are also going to be released soon. This reveals that the game will improve and new features are going to be added.

Star Wars : Hunters review
Star Wars Hunters review

GamePlay–Statrwar: Hunter is finally out, and people are waiting eagerly to know what the unique features are. What’s the Star Wars: Hunters review? Let’s start with gameplay!  The game has some identical features to ground combat. Both the game have similarities, but hunters can be considered as a dumb downed version of the battle combat. This is just a comparison. The main character is Reeve. She has a light saber. She will defeat the enemy. Other than there are some supporting characters to help the main character. Overall Gameplay is good, and it’s up to fans’ expectations. Yes, there are chances of improvement, but overall Star Wars: Hunters review is good.

Escorting in gaming plays an important role the game. Escort is the camera movement in the game. It’s the property of how swiftly the camera is turned towards the main character or whatever is in its front. Star War Hunter has pretty good camera angles and a swift transition. The movement is so smooth.

Not only the transition and movement but the console and graphics of the game are worth appreciation. The entire setup is unique, aesthetic, and eye-pleasing. Star war: Hunter did a great job in graphics. There is a lack in the mobile version, overall Star Wars: Hunters review is good.

Maps–Starwar: Hunter has two to three maps currently. The Great Hunt, Dusty Ridge, and the Gauntlet are three maps. Each one has its unique features. Gauntlet is haunting as well as entertaining. It’s dangerous though, at the same you will feel like a gladiator.

The graphics and the sound of the map are amazing. You will love the entire setup and the star war fans can relate more to the theme and the appearance. As for the initial level game Star War, Hunter is good to get started with. You should try at least once.

Graphics and Sounds: Graphics and Sound are the best parts of the game. You find pretty amazing graphics and movements. Now, the game is only available for Windows and the mobile version. There are some glitches in the mobile version but the PC version is absolutely up to the mark.

The sound is a little troublesome. While playing, you will see there is a lack of sound and animation. Sound lacks behind the action. The sound problem is not only limited to the mobile version, you may also find the issue in the window version. Overall, the functions are not perfect but decent.

Star Wars : Hunters review
Star Wars : Hunters review

Animations: According to players, the animation is not perfect but not that bad at the same time. When you will play the game, you will notice the lack of action and struggle in the viewing angle. Animations are good with certain characters while another character will find the delay. There is a lack of action and the lack of animation.

Altogether, the animation is good. The game still needs some polishing and work on it. Controls are fine with little lack of movement. Otherwise, the game is worth your time. You should try at least once.

Overall, the Star Wars: Hunters review is its good, fun, and exciting. There are a few areas where the game lacks, but entirely it’s an amazing game.