The Joys of MLBB Esports Have No Age Limit: Insights From Evos Mom

The Joys of MLBB Esports Have No Age Limit: Insights From Evos Mom

Amidst the high-stakes battles and electrifying gameplay of the ongoing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 13, a tapestry of inspirational narratives unfold. These stories not only captivate audiences but also dismantle long-standing barriers and challenge prevailing stigmas within the esports landscape. One such story aims to prove how esports tournaments are not only for younger audiences but transcend age.

Through a media interview, Mutihana Boru Sitepu, also known as Emak EVOS (EVOS Mom), shed light on how esports is for all ages and how parents should support their children’s passion for gaming instead of stifling them.

EVOS Mom shares positive outlook on gaming and esports

The post-match between EVOS Glory (also known as EVOS Legends) against Bigetron Alpha in the MPL ID Season 13 became one of the highlights of the regular season as the camera panned over to a 50-year-old fan who was heartbroken to see the White Tigers fall with a 0-2 score. 

This fan became known as Emak EVOS, a mother who watched alongside her son, Michael. The arrival of “Emak EVOS” in MPL ID Season 13 has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the esports community. Her presence has not only captivated the attention of audiences but has also sparked important conversations about the role of parents in shaping their children’s gaming experiences.

In a society where gaming is often stigmatized, particularly among parents who view excessive gaming as detrimental, Emak EVOS offers a different viewpoint.

“In my opinion, if (gaming) is positive, let’s support the children. Don’t forbid them. We don’t know that playing games can make them world champions, can earn them money. So, for mothers out there, if your child wants to play games, try to give permission. However, in a positive manner,” she expressed.

Frequently accompanying her child to watch EVOS matches, Mutihana grew increasingly enthusiastic about supporting the White Tigers in every tournament. As her dedication became evident, she earned the affectionate moniker of “EVOS Mom” within the community. Her presence became a cherished fixture, sought after by fans who recognized her unwavering support.

“If mom doesn’t come, they’ll surely ask. Where’s mom, is mom coming or not, bro,” Michael said.

Emak EVOS became a fan of MLBB esports when she was influenced by her son, Michael, who was a big fan of EVOS before her. 

The emotional investment that Emak EVOS has is palpable. Her tears shed after EVOS’ defeat in MPL ID Season 13 serve as a reminder of the passion and dedication that transcend age boundaries. Despite being a mother no longer in her youth, she remains unwavering in her support for EVOS alongside her son.

The will start its 5th week on 19th April with a match between Geek Fam and Rebellion Esports as its opening series. 

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