Top Five New Things Coming in COD Mobile Season 4

Top Five New Things Coming in COD Mobile Season 4

COD Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile) is preparing for an adrenaline-fueled Season 4 in 2024, jam-packed with fresh content. From a hybrid mode blending multiplayer and battle royale to an extraordinary aircraft carrier-themed Mythic weapon skin, fans of this game are in for a treat.

In this article, we will talk about the top five most interesting additions coming to COD Mobile Season 4 and 5 as per the test servers.

Five New Things Coming to COD Mobile Season 4

1. New Score streaks for Season 4

In terms of scorestreaks, Season 4 will introduce the Emergency Care Package, a new variation of the Care Package that drops three packages instead of one, costing double the price of the regular Care Package.

Additionally, a later update will introduce the RCXD, which is a remote-controlled car that detonates when in proximity to enemies, inspired by the version from COD Mobile Black Ops Cold War.

2. Battle Royale Skills in Multiplayer

One of the standout additions is a unique mode that blends elements of Multiplayer and Battle Royale. This hybrid mode takes place on both the Standoff and Firing Range maps, where players will engage in Hardpoint matches with a twist – instead of operator skills, they will have access to Battle Royale skills like Scout, Peter Ghost, and Shockwave, with the possibility of more being added later.

3. Settings Update in COD Mobile Season 4

The settings menu will receive several new options, including Climb Type, which may affect how players traverse obstacles, and two other options that potentially impact field of view (FOV) and other player’s health bar customizations, such as transparency, size, and the ability to remove names or disable the entire health bar display.

4. MG42 LMG Incoming

A new Light Machine Gun (LMG) from Call of Duty Vanguard, the MG42, will make its debut in COD Mobile. Boasting low recoil and a high rate of fire, this weapon is expected to be a solid addition to the game’s arsenal.

5. Mythic and Legendary skins for Season 4

Talking about cosmetics, COD Mobile is set to receive an impressive lineup of new Legendary and Mythic weapon skins.

The standout Mythic skin for the MG42 takes the form of an aircraft carrier ship that doubles as a battlefield, promising to be one of the most creative and unique Mythic skins yet.

As for Legendary skins, players can look forward to the HBR A3 Falcom, SKS Watcher, MAC-10 CODM Dark, CBR4 Gator Gulp, Type 25 Lasers Edge, and the NA-45 Alien Thrope Prestige skin in an indigo color.

Finally, a host of new character skins will be introduced, including new versions of Zena, Park, D-Day (Bush Ranger), Sim (Gunner), Wood (Rogue), Vargas (Jungle Cover), and many more, such as Snapic Ancient Guardian, Zoe Jungle Diva, David Mason Ruin Ranger, Klepto Aela Sands, Bulldozer, Warden Final Siege, Rin (CAU Him Dark Dusk Lost Light), Alice Boss Lady, Shepherd, Strongarm, Reins Canopy, and two Battery skins.

On the basis of these character skins, it is being speculated that COD Mobile Season 4 may feature a jungle theme.

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