Top 8 Best Animes of 2022 You Must Watch

Demon Slayer- Best Animes of 2022

The fans of Anime are increasing at a rapid speed. They are not just amusing the viewers in Japan or South Korea, but they have expanded in other Western countries, including The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

2022 can be the biggest year for Animes, as several OTT platforms have started recognizing them. That is why today we are here to discuss the Best Anime of 2022 so that you can enjoy them. Some of the below-given enemies might be the popular ones, but there are some interesting anime series with unique concepts.

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Demon Slayer

Nobody can start any list of the Best Animes of 2022 without acknowledging the second season of Demon Slayer. When the demon Slayer was first launched back in February 2016, It was an instant hit. It was a unique story as a simple family was attacked by demons, and only two of the members survived.

One member, Nezuko, who is the sister of Tanjiro, is slowly turning into a demon. Tanjiro Later became the demon Slayer to avenge his family and save his sister. It is a very touching story and the fans of the series were waiting for its second season. If you have not watched the demon Slayer yet, then I will suggest you go and watch its first season and the sequel movie in 2020.

Spy X family

Spy X family anime is among the most hyped anime series of 2022. The anime is loaded with action and comedy to keep the viewers attached to the story. It is going to have everything, including assassins, spies, and adorable children who have powers like telepathy. It is a story of a spy, assassin, and a young girl Who are on a mission to keep the peace between two neighboring countries. Three of them create a fake family and try to fool everyone around them. Are they going to complete the mission with their crooked family or not?

Attack on Titan

Similar to Demon Slayer, the creators of Attack on Titan are also going to launch the second season. If you have not watched the first season, then I will suggest you go and watch it right now. Similar to other anime, Attack on Titan was also launched first as a manga, and after seeing the success, the creators decided to come up with a series.

The story will start in a post-apocalyptic world where people live behind walls protecting them from giants. Attack on Titan can also be one of the favorite anime shows of army lovers, as it is completely focused on armies. The story of the anime is also full of surprises, and we suggest everyone go and watch it right now.

The orbital children

The orbital children can also be on your list of the Best enemies in 2022. it is going to open your mind and expand your horizon of Knowledge regarding space and the future. It is also a unique story where five children are stuck together in a commercial space station. The story of the anime is set in 2045.

The story starts with five children visiting the space station to meet a young boy who is one of the last surviving children in space. As soon as they reach the space station, a comet hits and destroys part of the space station. It is a unique but realistic story that also includes advanced technology and space thrill.

Even though The orbital children’s anime series was launched in Two parts in Japan, it is available on Netflix with six episodes.

Tomodachi game

Despite having some similarities with the famous Netflix show squid game, the Tomodachi game is also becoming one of the Best enemies in 2022. It is a beautiful story of 5 high schoolmates. The story starts when the funds for an upcoming school trip get stolen, and the students distance themselves from the rest of their class.

During the struggle to find the funds stolen for the school trip, all of them end up in a white room with a controversial figure. Later in the series, that controversial figure revealed that one of the five gathered them to clear their personal debt. In order to pay their debt, five of them have to participate in a variety of psychological games.

Parallel world pharmacy

Those who are not familiar with the enemies might find parallel world pharmacy as the Best enemies in 2022. There is only one reason behind that statement, and it is the genre of parallel world pharmacy. It is not like any of your regular series.

The lead of parallel world pharmacy has reincarnated as a child in a family known for medicine. For regular viewers, reincarnation can open their minds. It is a classic struggle of memories from the previous life and the current life.

Uncle from another world

Let’s take a sharp turn from adventure, science, and fiction to comedy. Uncle from another world has been marked as one of the Best Comedy Anime of 2022. It is an interesting story of Ojisan, Who has returned to earth after spending 17 years in a fantasy world.

It is a unique struggle for a person who doesn’t even know how the modern-day works. Despite all the challenges, Ojisan creates a somewhat successful YouTube channel. Don’t worry. Uncle from another world is available on most regions of Netflix.

Ranking of Kings

Ranking of Kings - Best Animes of 2022

Since October 2021, the ranking of kings has been gaining popularity each day as it is Coming out from the mark of kids anime. Similar to other animals in the world, the ranking of kings is also a unique story, which makes him one of the Best Animes of 2022.

It is a story of a young Prince, Boji, who can neither speak nor hear anything. Everyone calls him the useless Prince while laughing at his foolishness. In the story, he meets a shadow one day and makes the shadow his friend. Later, the young Prince tried to be the Best king he could be.

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