Top BGMI Plays of 2023 (Official Events)

2023 witnessed the return of BGMI to India after a long spell of absence and Krafton made sure to make a dramatic comeback which was celebrated by both the casual player base and esports enthusiasts.

The game was now in compliance with the demands of the Indian Government, resulting in changes such as limited playtime, parental verification, and daily spending limit for minors, along with other gameplay-related tweaks.

One after the other, tournaments were announced and local organizers across all tiers jump-started their operations bringing their hibernation to a sudden end. New alliances were forged as teams started forming their lineups, some old, most new, as the competitive scene started to flourish.

After many successful tournaments, official and unofficial, the competitive season has finally concluded and here are some of the top highlight moments that really stoodout and impressed us all.

Top BGMI Plays of 2023 From BGIS 2023 and BMPS 2023

Group Blue was playing during Week 1, Day 3, of the BMPS 2023 – League Stage, when Harsh “SPRAYGOD” Malik went berserk, pulling off a spectacular seven-kill clutch that resulted in Team XSpark winning the game.

SPRAYGOD first showcased his skill with the Double Barreled Shotgun more popularly known as DBS, securing three kills in succession but also losing one of his teammates in the process.

After this a long-drawn battle started to take place during the dying moments of the game but SPRAYGOD kept his cool, finding two more DBS kills, and then surprising everyone with his brilliant sprays through the smoke to bag a WWCD for Team XSpark.

A literal ‘one-man army’ play that showed absolute domination.

Note: The play starts from 1:08:13 onwards.

Revenant Esports was one of the teams that made it to the grand finals of BGIS 2023 and one of their players who stood out was Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar whose 1v4 team wipe on the second day of the grand finals was simply incredible.

Fierce showed some serious levels during the 8th match which took place on Miramar. His team was in a 4v4 deadlock against Midwave Esports and none of them were ready to back off, making for a fantastic fight that was undisturbed by any other team.

Midwave had a high ground advantage due to which Revenant suffered an early setback but a series of accurate utility usage by Fierce levelled the man advantage. From here on out he put his craft to peak utilization, running circles around his opponents, and took them down one by one to win the matchup.

He seemed to have entered ‘the zone’ and it was an absolute treat to watch him spin his web so tactfully.

Note: The play starts from 1:56:44 onwards.

BGIS 2023 was the biggest BGMI tournament of the year and Gods Reign was one of the teams competing in its Grand Final stage. On the third and final day of the event, during the penultimate 17th match on Miramar, Gods Reign was up against GlitchXReborn with a WWCD on the cards.

They were facing a 2v4 situation when Harsh “AquaNox” Rao decided to take things into his own hands, raining havoc with a DBS as he danced around his position and waited for the enemy to advance upon him.

With nerves of steel, AquaNox took the challenge head-on and came through on top with a solid 1v3 clutch and a much-needed WWCD for his side.

Note: The play starts from 4:58:12 onwards.

During the second day of the BGIS 2023 – Grand Finals, Nishant “Apollo” from Revenant Esports showed everyone how to outplay your opponents in close quarters.

Revenant was facing Big Brother Esports on Erangel in the 7th match and both teams locked horns around a structure, popping their utility to flush each other out while also providing some cover for their teammates.

Apollo was left standing in a 1v3 fight after an initial barrage from BBE that took down his teammate. From such a scary situation, without much space to move around or take proper cover, Apollo came out on top showcasing some exceptional fragging and movement skills.

A lone survivor that secured some extra points for his side before going down.

Note: The play starts from 1:26:09 onwards.

Early round heroics are generally not appreciated much but during the 13th match of BGIS 2023 – Grand Finals which took place on Erangel, SaiF was in a tough spot with one of his teammates dead and two others downed, as he faced multiple members of Blind Esports.

The only thing working in SaiF’s favor was the high ground advantage but he also had to protect his downed teammates. So he decided to take on the fights, finding success from his top position and then swiveling down to find another player attempting to flank him.

Not only did he win a tough fight but also managed to revive both his downed teammates, turning things around and aiming for a better positioning with three of them now still alive.

Note: The play starts from 1:22:23 onwards.

These were some of the top plays that we witnessed in the BGMI competitive circuit of 2023. Only official tournaments were considered in this particular article, so keep in mind that there were of course many more fantastic plays made outside of these events as well.

While these plays were surely outstanding, the real memories were created by the teams and players behind these clips and to see how they performed this year, check out our BGMI Team Rankings that give a detailed insight about most teams throughout the season.