What is a V badge?: How to Get V badge Free

V badge

V Badge isn’t something vast. For the Free Fire enthusiast, this means the world to them. The badge is a symbol of superiority and a sign that shows authority. We are going to discuss the same: what a V badge is, How to get a Badge, How to Apply for a Vbadge and the required details of the Free Fire Game.

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What is a V badge?

V Badge is a kind of a blue tick of Free Fire. You must have heard of the Free Fire Partnership Program, which allows members early access to premiums and other advantages of free fire. Anyone who qualifies the criteria is provided with a V Badge badge and our topic of discussion.

The players who earned V Badge have authority and are considered precedence over others. Gaining a V badge is hard; not everyone has access to the badge.

Regarding the launch, they officially launched the V badge in December 2018. They did not launch the feature with huge marketing or surprise. A message popped with the text, “You will now be able to see all Free Fire Partners with their special badge in-game “.
That’s how the badge was launched and came into existence.

The popularity of the V badge has no limits. Indians are known as “Jugadu “, who can manage fewer resources. The wide crowd is to try their luck and want free rewards. Free Fire Partnership involves free stuff; that’s why the craze of v badge is on another level.

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How to get a V Badge?

V Badge is associated with Free Fire Partnership, so you need to qualify the required criteria to earn the badge. Below are the brief pointers:

Have more than 1,00,000 Youtube Subscribers
Content should be around Free Fire
All the social media should update, and you must have real-time followers.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get V badge on Free Fire

Ensure you qualify the required criteria before signing up for the partnership program.

Below are the steps to get V Badge for free:

  • Visit the official website. You will receive the Free Fire Partnership Program. Click on Apply Now.
  • You will land on another page, which will be Google Forms.
  • Fill in the required details, and you’re done.
  • If you are eligible, then the Fire Fireteam will contact you regarding further details.

After completing all the steps and verification, your profile will be updated, and V Badge will be shown in your profile.

Who holds the highest V Badge?

Badge 99 is an Indian Gamer with 4 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. He is known for his supremacy in badges. Through the YouTube channel, he became one of the top players in India. His popularity is insane, and his content around Free Fire is audience-grabbing.

Talking about his content, he usually uploads random gameplay and highlights. Even his tournaments gain a lot of popularity among the audience. The bottom line is Badge 99 holds the highest rank among Free Fire Players.

Raister is also among the top players in Free Fire. The comparison: which is best, Raistar or Badge 99, could be a good discussion. His content is around free-fire gameplay and highlights. Currently, have 4.4 Million subscribers, and several videos live on his channel. You can consider him the second-best free-fire player. 

In stats, Raistar has more games and wins. The ratio of Kills wins, and games vary widely. Raistar is more engaged in content creation than Badge 99. The discussion will go on for centuries. Let’s move to the next section.

Gyan Gaming is another popular name among Indian gamers. He gained popularity through live streams. He can attract a huge audience to his YouTube. Raistar and other YouTubers collaborate to provide more engaging and entertaining content. He played around 1958 Matches with 442 wins, which is a 22.57% win rate. The most amazing thing is that he has around 8 million YouTube subscribers. Isn’t this reward in itself?

TSG Jash is another player among the top 1% free-fire players. He is usually compared to TSG Ritik, who is also among the best players in the free fire. He belongs to the heroic tier. He is popularly known as a dua player. Despite all the achievements, he achieved huge popularity among the audience; hence, his income skyrocketed. Just to give you an idea about his popularity, he has billions of views and millions of subscribers on his youtube channel.

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