[WATCH] “Kin Jahilo Mein Shaadi Karli' Says Sania Mirza On Kapil Sharma's Show, Video Goes Viral


Former tennis star Sania Mirza, known for her achievements in sports and her private nature regarding personal matters, recently appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show on Netflix. Her performance, particularly a humorous remark about her marriage, has captivated her fans.

Sania Mirza Says 'Jhaailo Mein, Mai Ne Shaadi Kar Li' During Act On Kapil Sharma's Show, Fans React

In an unseen clip from “The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show,” Sania played the role of a daughter-in-law, with Kapil as her mother-in-law. She humorously commented on marrying into an illiterate family:

“Kin Jaahilo mein mai ne shaadi kar li.”

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article 2024616123054883148000

Her witty exchange with Kapil, where Sania served him tea and retorted to his jest about it being poison, left the audience in stitches:

“Mai ne toh chai hi banayi thi. Apke mooh ko lag kar zehar ho gayi hogi.”
“I made tea, but it must have turned to poison because of you.”

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article 2024616123060783167000

Fans responded energetically, with some suggesting her jokes reflected real experiences, while others found truth in her humor. Comments like “Ye kin jhailo mene shaadi krli h was real” and “Coming straight from her heart” flooded the post.

Watch viral video here:


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Mirza Family’s Statement on Sania’s Divorce

Following Shoaib Malik’s announcement of his marriage to Sana Javed, Sania Mirza’s family broke their silence about her divorce. On January 21, 2024, Sania’s sister Anam shared a message on Instagram explaining Sania’s desire for privacy and her well-wishes for Shoaib. Their father, Imran Mirza, confirmed to PTI that Sania had taken a khula, a form of divorce in Islam initiated by the wife.