[WATCH] ‘Maaro Mujhe Maaro’ Fame Momin Saqib Says 'Dawai Chahiye' After Pakistan’s loss; Video Goes Viral


Momin Saqib, known for his spirited ‘Maaro Mujhe Maaro’ outburst, expressed his anguish through multiple videos following Pakistan’s defeat against India in the T20 World Cup 2024. Despite attempts from both Indian and Pakistani fans to console him, he remained inconsolable, expressing his disappointment and distress in one video by simply captioning it as “No words.”

Momin Saqib, the 'Maaro Mujhe Maaro' guy, shared multiple videos after Pakistan's loss against India at the T20 World Cup 2024 (Screengrabs from X/@mominsaqib)

During the match, Momin shared his emotional rollercoaster, recounting how close Pakistan seemed to victory, only to have it snatched away at the last moment. He lamented the preparations made for celebrations, only to face defeat in the end.

Indian supporters made efforts to uplift his spirits, while some Pakistani fans urged him to provide solace. However, Momin responded, suggesting that what was needed was not solace, but rather medication to heal the wounds of defeat.

Post-match, Momin revisited the video that initially brought him fame on social media, perhaps seeking solace in the familiarity of his viral moment.


Meanwhile, other Pakistani fans expressed deep disappointment and frustration with the team’s performance, particularly criticizing the batting lineup for its inability to chase a modest target. Some fans even called for drastic measures, such as the relegation of the team to associate nations, reflecting the magnitude of their disillusionment.