What Is the Meaning of True Damage in ML?

What Is the Meaning of True Damage in ML?


A lot of players are curious on what is the meaning of True Damage in ML (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang). While seasoned players are already familiar with this in-game mechanic, a lot of newcomers may not be familiar with such a term. True Damage in ML is a type of damage that is unique from other forms and can ignore most defensive stats in the game. However, not all heroes have such type of damage in their abilities. There are items that can allow heroes to deal True Damage in ML. However, these items may not be viable at all times as they are based on the situations.

What is True Damage in Mobile Legends?

True Damage in ML is a type of damage that ignores most forms of defense and damage reduction. Unlike Physical or Magical Damage, which can be mitigated by armor or magic resistance, True Damage inflicts its full value on the target.

The significance of True Damage in Mobile Legends lies in its ability to cut through even the tankiest of opponents. Heroes who possess such capabilities can be game-changers in late-game scenarios where enemy tanks have stacked up on defensive items. When a hero deals True Damage, they can quickly eliminate high-health targets, turning the tide of battles in their team’s favor.

Several heroes in Mobile Legends possess True Damage abilities. A few examples are Karrie, X.Borg, Gord, and Alpha. These heroes hit their power spike in the late game due to how they can melt down high-defense heroes in team fights. 

Some items can also provide heroes with True Damage in ML. A good example is the Azure Blade which is an early game item. It can then be used to forge an Endless Battle which is an upgraded version that deals 60% of a hero’s physical attack as True Damage.

For mages, the Starlium Scythe is perfect if you need True Damage on a magic-type hero. 

In conclusion, True Damage in Mobile Legends is a critical mechanic that can turn the tables in favor of skilled players who understand its nuances. It offers a powerful way to deal with heavily armored enemies and is an essential element of the game’s strategic depth. 


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