5 Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends That Can Solo Carry in Ranked Games

5 Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends That Can Solo Carry in Ranked Games


Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) are one of the most popular picks in ranked games. A lot of players prefer burst damage characters when playing jungle and EXP lanes, especially in lower ranks where everyone usually works independently with little to no teamwork. Assassins have so much solo-carry potential in ranked games, especially for players who are skilled enough to understand each of the heroes’ mechanics. This is why a lot of players are looking to learn and master a few assassins in the game. To help players climb the ranked ladder, here are 5 Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends that can solo carry in ranked games.

5 OP Assassin heroes in ML for solo queue ranked games

5. Lancelot

What sets Lancelot apart from other Assassins heroes in MLBB is his ability to secure objectives while being immune to damage for a split second. His second skill, Thorned Rose, slashes enemies three times in a triangular shape. During this action, Lancelot is untargetable and immune to damage. This is perfect when trying to secure objectives when a lot of enemies are trying to stop you from casting your Retribution spell.

4. Arlott

While usually classified as a Fighter, Arlott can be built like an assassin due to his flexibility in the EXP lane. He possesses various crowd-control abilities as well as enough mobility to be unpredictable in fights. He can also mark enemies and reveal them briefly when they hide in bushes, allowing you to provide vision for allies and potentially prevent ambushes. 

3. Ling

While a lot of assassins focus on taking down targets in one full combo, Ling’s playstyle is a bit unique. He focuses more on split pushing on top of his quick rotations, thanks to his passive. He can walk and jump through walls, allowing him to swiftly move around the map and surprise enemies. His Ultimate ability can also be used to either chase down enemies or mitigate damage as he becomes immune for a few seconds. When paired with Angela, Ling can also be quite invincible in team fights.

2. Aamon

Aamon is a very strong assassin hero due to his tremendous burst damage. His ability to be invisible also allows him to be quite unpredictable. However, he mostly relies on proper combo execution rather than just spamming any available ability. Make sure you practice first before using him in ranked games as he really struggles to win fights if he fails to execute a proper combo.

1. Nolan

One of the most recent additions to the game. Nolan quickly rose to the meta due to his ability to provide a much-needed crowd-control effect during team fights. His abilities will leave a Rift that can slow enemies or sucks them to the center when two Rifts collide. His ultimate ability also removes all debuffs on himself, preventing heroes like Valir from escaping his grasp.


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