5 Jungle Heroes With the Highest Win Rate in the M5 World Championship

The Jungle heroes with the highest win rate at the M5 World Championship remain dominated by tanks. While a few assassin picks were seldom used, the success rate for tank junglers was quite consistent throughout the tournament despite the recent gameplay adjustments. This may be due to how unforgiving it is to contest for objectives in the game, which makes it hard for most assassins to shine. Having a durable jungler in the team can increase the chances of acquiring objectives as they can also act as damage sponges during team fights.

Here is a list of the top 5 Jungle heroes with the highest win rate at the M5 World Championship. The list is based on .

Top 5 Highest Win Rate Jungle heroes in M5 World Championship

Guinevere – 62.75% Win Rate (51 times picked)

With the recent adjustments to her combo, Guinevere has become quite flexible. She can be played in either the EXP Lane, as a roamer, or as the team’s Jungler. This hero’s almost inescapable knockup combo can be devastating for enemies who are trying to contest objectives or looking to group up for a team fight.

Guinevere’s itemization can also be flexible as she can be built as a tank or a burst mage.

Baxia – 40.43% Win Rate (47 times picked)

With the healing being meta prominent at the M5 World Championship, Baxia became a viable pick. His Passive: Baxia Mark reduces the Shield and HP (Health Points) regeneration of enemies while also giving himself a free damage reduction buff.

Baxia’s mobility is also one of his highlighted features. He can move very fast around the map, making him quite unpredictable, and can easily follow up for ambushes or ganks.

Martis – 43.48% Win Rate (46 times picked)

Martis has remained as one of the most highly contested hero picks during the M5 World Championship. His ability to negate crowd-control effects can counter a lot of heroes. He can also take down high-value targets with his Ultimate ability which deals True Damage when his target is below 50% HP.

His mobility, coupled with his immunity to CC (Crowd Control) and tremendous damage, allows him to tower dive most enemies and still get away safely without dying.

Fredrinn – 48.78% Win Rate (41 times picked)

at the M5 World Championship. His ability is a mix of durability, damage, and crowd control making him quite viable in any lineup. The taunt effect on his Skill 3: Energy Eruption is a huge asset in team fights to prevent enemies from targeting anyone other than Fredrinn himself. This can also cancel some abilities when timed right. 

Akai – 47.37% Win Rate (38 times picked)

Akai is played both as a Jungler and a Roamer. This is due to his Ultimate: Heavy Spin which can push away enemies caught in its range. This can be used to keep enemies away from objectives to provide a safer space for the team to contest. However, this can be easily avoided if the enemy has Purify or through a Diggie pick.