5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Diamond Weekly Pass in MLBB

A lot of players are curious whether the Diamond Weekly Pass in MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) is worth buying. The game does not provide any gameplay advantage through microtransactions. However, Mobile Legends does provide a wide variety of flashy cosmetics that players can purchase with in-game Diamonds. One of the tempting offers that the game showcases to the players is the Weekly Diamonds pass. Purchasing this bundle allows players to claim a Diamond every day for a week on top of other in-game resources such as Starlight Points, Crystal of Aurora, Tickets, and many more. If you plan on investing in a Diamond Weekly Pass in MLBB, here are five reasons to consider.

Is the Diamond Weekly Pass in MLBB worth buying?

1. More Diamonds acquired than other offers

For a price of 105 PHP ($1.8 USD), players can claim 80 Diamonds upon purchase and another 20 Diamonds for the next seven days. This equates to 220 Diamonds after claiming all the rewards, roughly $4 USD worth of Diamonds. This is perfect for light spenders as it provides twice as much value compared to other offers like the Special Pack.

2. Stacks with other offers

The Diamond Weekly Pass can be stacked with other bundles or offers if you wish to gain more for a cheaper price. This process is much cheaper but can provide more in-game Diamonds than simply recharging in bulk. Keep in mind that if you’re a light spender, stick to only one weekly bundle.

3. Free Late Sign-in chance

The Diamond Weekly Pass gives players one free Late Sign-in card in case they missed claiming a daily reward through logging in. While only one card is given per purchase, this ensures players have a safety net to recover any missed rewards.

4. It does not count towards Recharge Benefits

The Diamond Weekly Pass does not count towards the Recharge Benefits in MLBB. Players will need to top-up Diamonds to claim Benefit rewards. This is something to consider if you wish to subscribe to the weekly offer.

5. Slow earning process

While players can get twice the value of their money by purchasing the Diamond Weekly Pass in MLBB, it is a very slow process. Players will need to subscribe to a weekly subscription to continuously gain the benefits. By tapping on the Subscribe checkmark, Mobile Legends will automatically renew your Diamond Weekly Pass when it expires.

Players can cancel the auto-renewal anytime. However, they won’t be able to purchase again until the current subscription ends.