8 Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Under 3000

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Under 3000

Are you searching for the best gaming keyboard that costs less than 3000 dollars in India? Let me provide you with the top 10 mechanical keyboards you can purchase in India 2021. They are designed to Indian gamers for their requirements and demands.

I’ve already listed the keyboards that have received rave reviews from Indian gamers of the top Some of the keyboards come with RGB and therefore displaying them to acquaintances won’t be a source to worry about.

10 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 3000

Ant Esports MK3000 Mechanical Keyboard

RGB Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch TypeOutemu Blue
Backlighting ColorPreset with 6 colors
Keyboard MaterialsSteel, ABS
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions44.9 x 14 x 4 cm

It’s the Ant Esports MK3000 isn’t among the keyboards you’ll come across in the Indian market. This keyboard may not be awe-inspiring to you with its build quality however, the cost that you are paying for it in terms number of functions is the reason you will get the most the keyboard. It’s a full-size keyboard with the key switch that is blue of the brand orange.

When it comes to its distinctive features, it’s an LED-backlit keyboard that you can adjust the brightness as well as the speed of glowing lights. With its well-tested design, Ant Esports keyboard has been it obvious, and it’s the most suitable keyboard for novice playersin India.

Cosmic Byte Black Eye Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 Rs

Key Switch TypeJIXIAN Blue switches
Backlighting ColorRGB Backlighting
Keyboard MaterialsAluminum
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions48.3 x 22.1 x 6.4 cm

The Comicbyte Black Eye is the right gaming keyboard that costs less than 3000 Rs in India. The switches used are an Chinese version of the cherry MX keys that are brown, and aren’t the best in terms of the feel and the click sound you hear with CherryMX however they perform an acceptable job. The Cosmic byte black eye offers the comfortable and painless feeling to your fingers during lengthy gaming sessions with this keyboard.

Furthermore, the keyboard comes with a an backlit display with thirteen effects and it comes with 3 levels of light. It has a good tactile and silence against the blue switches, which makes it perfect for use in the daytime as well as occasional gaming with the keyboard.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch TypeBlue
Backlighting Color10 Backlight Effects
Keyboard MaterialsAluminium Body
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions45 x 13.5 x 3 cm

If you are looking for a great mechanical keyboard for entry-level use This is it. This Cosmic Byte Rainbow backlit keyboard is equipped with an Blue mechanical button with its distinctive click sound. Ideal for gamers and for typing.

In addition the Cosmic byte is also equipped with the neon RGB effects that are beneficial for the visual and tactile experience that the games. Additionally, it comes with an illuminated panel in the back that is stunning to me with the rainbow-like style, but which isn’t customizable and contain any modifications. Additionally, I loved how it feels in the dark, however.

Furthermore there is the cosmic byte CB-gk-3 cost within India is around 2000 rupees, which when compared with other models on this list is quite low.

I GEAR KeyBee Retro

Key Switch TypeHigh End Switches
Backlighting ColorRed LED
Keyboard MaterialsPlastic
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions36.4 x 15.3 x 3.7 cm

The i Gear is a wireless gaming keyboard that costs less than 3000 and is retro in appearance and feel. It is i Gear is a successor to the Gaming keyboard and mouse that was offered by the brand in the year 2020. But, MKeyBee offers some more additional features that aren’t available on the older gaming keyboards such as the compact design of the keyboard with more than 100 keys. The wireless keyboard and mouse is also available for a exclusive offer for a limited time on Amazon as well.Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The KeyBee isn’t equipped with light modes, LED light modes or any of those fancy things. The thing that is interesting about the keyboard is the Retro Design along with the design of its keys. It’s composed of plastic however it feels premium and is not like any other gaming keyboards that are wireless that cost less than 3000 RRP in this list.

Redragon K551 Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

RGB Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Key Switch TypeRed Switches*
Backlighting ColorRGB LED
Keyboard MaterialsBase metal
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions46.4 x 16.6 x 5.2 cm

Its Redgear Chameleon keyboard comes with Cherry MX Red Equivalent switches with good tactile feedback. For blue switches, particularly they provide a better gaming overall. The keyboard is available with cost of 3000 rupees. It is among the most affordable mechanical keyboards to be found on India. Indian market.

The keyboard is made to be used by gamers and programmers with anti-ghosting capabilities. It also is equipped with 8 RGB options that allow you to customise your gaming experience like none other. The keyboard is sold on Amazon for three different colors to pick from.

Redgear MK881 Professional Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch TypeBlue Switches
Backlighting ColorLED backlighting
Keyboard MaterialsPlastic
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions49.7 x 5.2 x 18.5 cm

With a name like Redgear it is only natural to get more. And this keyboard is certainly one of the finest keyboards Redgear has ever produced. The keyboard is equipped with the Kailh Blue and clicky switches. Personally I was pleasantly surprised by the sound that it makes and overall build quality. The lighting is excellent, it’s a great keyboard, and the switches are less squeaky than CherryMX that a lot of people may like, but is there anything more you can want from a keyboard at this price.

The switches are quieter than other switches that you find on premium keyboards. But, in general, the Redgear is a model you should think about buying for less than 3000 rupees in India.

HAVIT HV Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Under 3000
Key Switch TypeRubber Dome
Backlighting Color8 LED Modes
Keyboard MaterialsBase metal
Programmable ButtonsYes
Dimensions44.4 x 14.6 x 4 cm

Truthfully, I’ve not heard of the HAVIT brand prior to. When I was looking for the best gaming keyboards for under $3000 I found this keyboard, and an excellent choice. The HAVIT HV-KB380L keyboard is a backlit keyboard that is priced at the lowest you’ll find on the market. It is equipped with the keys of 104 as well as an large aluminum frame and is designed to in line with the style and feel for this price.

The keyboard is equipped with eight types of illuminatedmodes with 4 levels of brightness levels that makes it comparable with other RGB keyboards available. Keep in mind that it’s a membrane keyboard that is as effective as the mechanical keyboard.

Keyboards made of membrane comprise an elongated membrane that is it is pressed on circuit registers. The key is then pressed. They are less heavy, more affordable and more mobile than other mechanical keyboards. Additionally, they’re quieter and do not emit the sound of clicking when typing .

Redragon Kumara K552 Gaming Keboard

Best RGB Gaming Keyboard Under3k

Key Switch TypeCherry Blue equivalent
Backlighting ColorBacklit Lightining
Keyboard MaterialsPlastic
Programmable ButtonsNo
Dimensions35.4 x 12.35 x 3.7 cm

Redragon is a Redragon brand is well-known for its high-quality gaming peripherals with a price that is affordable. You’ll be able to anticipate what’s coming to the market today it’s the Redragon USas Mechanical Keyboard that is offered at a reasonable price, and is able to take a beating at its keys. It has an rich click sound as well, definitely isn’t for anyone with an extremely sensitive roommate.

The keyboard also has an aluminum structure and premium mechanical switches with the splash-proof design. The drawback of it is that the led light which is not able to be adjusted however the benefit is that you can change the light’s brightness in addition to the breathing impact in the light that looks awesome.

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