All About Allay in Minecraft BedRock

All About Allay in Minecraft BedRock

Allay in Minecraft: Nothing is staying still, and everything is evolving in the world each day. A similar thing is also happening in the gaming world. If you compare the games of 2022 with the games of 2002, you will see a huge difference from what you can even imagine.

It is the progress in these games which has been helping these games to keep the customer base. Otherwise, they are not going to survive in this competitive environment. For example, Minecraft. It started as a very simple game, but now it has a fan base of more than 300 million users worldwide.

The success secret of Minecraft is understanding the opinion of users and keep adding new features. With its latest 1.19 update, Minecraft came with a new mob in the game named Allay. Today, we will take a look at the basics of Allay in Minecraft and how you can use it in the game more effectively.

All About Allay in Minecraft BedRock

What is Allay in Minecraft?

Allay is a small flying passive mob. That was the winner of the 2021 Minecraft mob voting. It was competing against a copper golem, and the users of the game voted in favor of Allay in Minecraft.

It is a unique Minecraft mob that is not associated with any Minecraft Biome. Apart from that, Allay in Minecraft does not interact with any in-game mob. It only listens to the player.

Similar to any other peaceful smaller mob in the game, Allay Can gets easily killed with just two hits of a diamond sword or four hits of an iron sword. Apart from that, Allay can also die after getting suffocated within the blocks. It cannot stay underwater for a longer period of time or bear the damage of the fire. Make sure you are providing a healthy environment.

Allay is not going to attack anyone. They are going to run away when attacked by anyone. If you have given any item to your Allay, then they are completely immune from any attack by you. If you take back your given item, then you can easily kill them.

Where to find Allay in Minecraft?

Once you have learned its basics, the next thing you are going to ask yourself is where to find Allay in Minecraft. Allies in Minecraft Are often imprisoned by Villagers. In order to find them, you have to rescue them. There are two ways you can find them in Minecraft.

  1. Pillager Outposts

Similar to iron golems, Allay spawn trapped inside wooden cages generated around Pillager Outposts. Most cages are going to have three of them at the same time, which means you can get 3 Allay in one attempt. In order to rescue them, you have to break the wooden structure. as soon as you free them, they will start wondering until they find dropped items.

Before you start the whole rescue process, make sure you have avoided or killed the Pillager. Each wooden post can have up to 12 Pillagers who are the guard. And they are hostile toward the players. They are very strong and kill you within a few minutes.

  1. Woodland Mansions

Woodland mansions are the second most popular place to find Allay in Minecraft. Yes, they are one of the most dangerous structures in the game, but they also have exciting rewards like Allay. Make sure that you are not getting in touch with any hostile mobs, zombies, creepers, etc.

The best part about visiting woodland mansions and risking your life in Minecraft is that you can find 12 Allay Trapped in a Group of three in different cages on the first floor. You have to find and free them.

What does Allay in Minecraft do for the players?

Once you have found Allay in Minecraft, the next thing you are going to ask yourself is what they actually do in the game.

In simple words, the only function of Allay in the Minecraft game is to collect items. Yes, they are just going to collect items and nothing else. The best part about having them in the game is that they can find copies of one particular item throughout the loaded chunks.

For example, if you drop any item, Allay is going to pick it up for you and look for all the copies of that item and deliver it to a nearby player. Apart from that, the players can also present the items to Allay, and they will start looking for their copies. Kindly remember, when you present any item to Allay, they are going to keep the original copy.

Things to know about Allay in Minecraft

Before we wrap up this session, there are some things you should know about Allay in Minecraft. First of all, they are fond of note blocks in the game.

Note blocks are wooden blocks in Minecraft games that are known to play music within the game. Allay loves these Note blocks. If Allay hears it playing music, then they are going to drop all of its collected items next to Allay. Apart from that, they will also stop looking for those items.

There are some things you can do to stop the machine from playing music and not attracting your Allay. For example, you can use a wool block which is going to mute the audio coming out of the note blocks.

  • All are known to fully automate the collection system in farms. Apart from that, they can also make it faster without using complex Redstone mechanics.
  • Allay is also known to help you collect items more quickly after the explosion or killing of mobs.
  • Every Allay is known to hold up to 64 copies of a stackable item so that you can use them as a portable storage option also.
  • If you have a duplicate copy of lost items or accidentally dropped items, then you can use Allay to find that item in the loaded chunk. Make sure you have one more copy of the same item.