All Operator Skills in Call of Duty: Mobile Updated List (2024)

All Operator Skills in Call of Duty: Mobile Updated List (2024)


A fully equipped Loadout in Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer isn’t complete without an Operator Skill, a special weapon or equipment piece that unlocks cool weapons with limited ammo. During a Multiplayer Match, Operator Skills charge up over time and are activated by tapping the Operator Skill icon on the right side of the screen once charged. Operator Skill charge times are also accelerated by earning score through taking down enemies and completing in-game objectives. 

As you level up, you can get access to a total of 23 Operator Skills, which offer a range of powerful tools that fit a variety of playstyles. Here’s a rundown of the Operator Skills, items:

All Operator Skills in Call of Duty: Mobile


A Flamethrower that blasts a stream of scorching fire within close range. The flamethrower’s main drawback is its short range. Expect to do plenty of damage up close against enemy forces, but don’t get your hopes up in attempting to burn someone sitting across the map. Figure out those hot spots where enemies tend to group up. 

Death Machine

As the minigun fires, it continues to build up greater precision over time. Like other Operator Skills, the Death Machine is best used when put up against multiple enemies. Pre-fire this weapon before entering an engagement to accurately take out enemies.

A fully automatic grenade launcher, the War Machine has a devastating payload and offers multiple grenade rounds in a circular drum and a fast-firing launcher to send them towards the enemy. The launcher fires in an arc towards targets, with direct hits being an instant kill and explosions within a few feet also typically resulting in a knockout. Another option is to aim these grenades at explosive objects, such as cars or flammable barrels, that are near enemies. If done correctly, the War Machine will set off these explosives and send unaware hostile forces flying.

The Tempest can shock enemies at any range with its lightning bolts. The weapon’s major strength is its ability to potentially turn an entire enemy team into a massive electric current. When a lightning bolt hits an enemy, any enemy within a few feet will also be downed as the current travels to other foes within close range.

Transform Shield

The Transform Shield is a useful defensive Operator Skills. It is a piece of mobile cover that can be used in doorways to large indoor areas, entrances to major lanes, or access points to flank routes. The shield helps slow an enemy down or act as a stronghold for you to use. When the Transform Shield is deployed there will be a flash effect that occurs in the radius around the shield that could disorient enemies. 

Once activated, tapping the fire button, this Operator Skill will shoot an arrow forward a short distance. Holding the fire button will pull the bowstring and arrow back farther, which, upon release, will propel the arrow forward at greater speed and distance.  As the tooltip suggests, keeping the Sparrow drawn for a long time will maximize its range. You can purchase the Sparrow from the credit shop for 2000 credits.


The Annihilator came to Call of Duty: Mobile as an Operator Skill during Season 6 Once Upon a Time in Rust. The Annihilator can one-shot players at any range due to its high penetration power and can also be used to take out players behind cover. It can also be used to destroy Scorestreaks like VTOL, in 3 shots. While it dishes out tonnes of damage, its accuracy is quite low. 

The Shadow Blade was initially called ‘Katana’ and was added to the game during the Season 8 The Forge update. However, it was later changed to its current name in Season 9 Conquest. You can unlock it with 2000 credits in the store. It helps you take out players quickly at melee range and also helps you detect hostiles within the shroud of any smoke grenade.


The Equalizer was added as part of the Season 10 The Hunt. The skill equips you with dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close quarters combat. It fires 200 rounds in total, 100 for each gun. You can buy Equalizer from the credit shop for 2000 credits.

The Kinetic Armor was added to CODM as part of the Season 7: Elite of the Elite. It is reactive armor that deflects enemy bullets away from the body but does not protect against melee, headshot, incendiary or explosive damage. It can take 150 damage before becoming disabled.

 K9 Unit

Using K9 will call in a military dog to track an enemy by scent and attack them automatically. It was added as part of the Season 5: In Deep Water update. K9 Unit can kill enemies with one bite but has a lower health pool compared to its Black Ops 4 counterpart. You can buy it from the credit shop as part of the New Recruit Bundle 4 for 1200 Credits.

The H.I.V.E is a semi-automatic weapon that launches a trap of proximity mines that, when triggered, will release a swarm of nano drones that kill nearby enemies. The H.I.V.E. was added as part of the Season 4 Disavowed. It comes with a magazine of three mines and can be bought for 2000 credits in the store. 

Gravity Spikes

The Gravity Spikes came to Call of Duty Mobile in Season 2. When these single-use spikes are equipped, you can jump up and slam down to create an energy wave that will deal fatal damage to nearby enemies. They do damage of 300 to 500 depending on how close the enemy is to you and have a range of 10.8 meters. The Gravity Spikes first made an appearance in a limited-time melee event, and were later brought as a permanent operator skill. These can be bought from the credit store for 2000 credits.

The Bull Charge came to CODM as part of the Season 3: Tokyo Escape. You can use the Bull Charge as a shield and charge with it. If you hit any enemies with the shield, they will get taken out instantly. Bull Charge takes less time to wind up, unlike other operator skills like Gravity Spikes. Bull Charge will not go through walls, and will disappear after you kill three enemies with it or if it runs out of charge. The Bull Charge can be bought from the credit store for 2000 credits.


The TAK, or Triage Activation Kit helps you heal and grant extra health to allies. It was added to the game as part of Season 9: Nightmare. The kit will add 50 health to players and surrounding allies each. The TAK-5 kit can be bought from the credit store for 2000 credits. 

The Munitions Box lets you deploy a box of ammo and throwables for you and your teammates. It was added to the game as part of the Season 11: Final Snow update. The Munitions Box is currently unavailable for purchase.

Reactor Core

The Reactor Core emits a radiation field that burns enemies, temporarily reducing their max health and preventing healing. The player using Reactor Core will also gain a defensive buff, reducing damage taken but using Reactor Core for too long will cause damage to the user. It also has a vertical range, damaging areas above and below the user. The Reactor Core is currently unavailable for purchase.

The Claw is an automatic weapon with a high fire rate, of 1010 RPM x2. It became a part of the Call of Duty Mobile arsenal in Season 7: New Vision City. It also comes with ricochet ballistic rounds which do 35-26-15 damage at different ranges 0-10.5-25.5. It comes with a magazine of 96 rounds and moderate recoil. You can also aim down sights for more focused damage. The Claw is currently unavailable for purchase.

Ballista EM3

This semi-automatic weapon is an electromagnetic projectile launcher with high penetration capability. It has a fire rate of 33 RPM and does a whopping 250 damage. It comes with 2 rounds. It was added in November 2022 as part of the Season 10: World Class update. After being equipped, the enemy will be outlined in red. Estimate the enemy’s movement pattern and hold the fire button to build up power to deal fatal damage. The Ballista EM3 is currently unavailable for purchase.

The Tac-Deploy is a beacon that lets you redeploy teammates to a nearby area. When used, the player will place the Tac-Deploy to the ground. Teammates may choose to respawn at the Tac-Deploy or to use the basic respawn points. Once deployed it will last for around 12 seconds. It was added to the game in August 2023 as part of the Season 7: Heat Wave update. The Tac-Deploy is currently unavailable for purchase.

Misdirection Device

The device creates fake noises in the player’s range, misdirecting enemies to it and simultaneously completely hides sounds made by the player. This is the most recent Operator Skill added to the game, debuting in Season 11: Siren Song. The Misdirection Device can be bought from the credit store for 2000 credits.


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