AP.Bren Knocks ONIC Esports’ Grand Slam Dream; Claims Second M-Series Title

AP.Bren has won the M5 World Championship 2023 title after a thrilling series against ONIC Esports. The gripping series unfolded across seven intense rounds, with both teams unleashing their full arsenal in a captivating tug-of-war-like spectacle. In a end, AP.Bren thwarted ONIC Esports’ Grand Slam aspirations, clinching victory with a razor-thin 4-3 scoreline. This triumph marks the second M-series title for the formidable Killer Bees in their Mobile Legends esports journey.

In addition to the prestigious championship, AP.Bren’s EXP Laner, David “FlapTzy” Canon, stood out on the grand stage, securing the Grand Finals MVP trophy.

AP.Bren crowned as two-time M-series champion in M5 World Championship

The first two rounds were back and forth affairs between the two powerhouse finalists. AP.Bren took the lead in Game 1, but ONIC Esports came back strong in Game 2, showing they weren’t going down without a fight.

In the following games, ONIC Esports tried to keep up their winning streak, but AP.Bren’s Mid Laner, Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel, turned the tables with an incredible showing on Gord. The Indonesian team struggled to find their footing in team fights, overwhelmed by Gord’s relentless attacks and ended up conceding Game 3.

In the fourth round, there was an unexpected twist when ONIC Esports brought in Hayabusa, played by Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol. Kairi started strong, but AP.Bren didn’t let up and finished Game 4 with a dominant 11-1 score.

The fifth round saw ONIC Esports bounce back big time. Led by their Mid Laner, Gilang “Sanz,” who snagged the MVP for that game, they wrapped up with an impressive 18-19 in kills. ONIC Esports made a stunning comeback to level the series, nailing two straight wins in Games 5 and 6.

However, clutch plays from Bren Esports in the final game of the day helped the Filipino team grab the M5 World Championship title.

This marks the first time a representative team from an M-series host country has won an MLBB world series title. On top of that, this is also AP.Bren’s second world championship title.