GodLike Esports Finishes Second at CODM World Championship 2023

The grand finals of the CODM World Championship 2023 took place today between GodLike Esports and Wolves Esports, two of the best teams in the tournament, and it was a spectacle to behold.

Both teams gave it their absolute best, exchanging maps back and forth, but in the end, it was Wolves who walked away as the champion with a series score of 4-2.

GodLike Esports put up a valiant fight to reach the grand finals of the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) World Championship 2023. The team’s runner-up finish is historic for the Indian esports scene as it established a new record for the best finish at a mobile esports world championship.

GodLike Esports Lose to Wolves in the Grand Finals of CODM World Championship 2023

GodLike Esports had a historic run in the world finals, finishing fourth in the Swiss Stage and qualifying for the Playoffs where it defeated teams like Stand Point Gaming and Luminosity Gaming to reach the grand finals.

GodLike was the higher-seeded representative from India and the team made sure to give its absolute best, setting the record for best performance ever by an Indian mobile team at a mobile esports world championship.

Wolves got the better of it in the end but it came at a cost. The team from China lost only three games in this tournament out of which two were against GodLike Esports, this speaks volumes about the team from India and the caliber that it brought to the international stage.


The series started on a map picked by Wolves and the team from China was able to get a decent start but GodLike Esports came right back into the game, took the lead, and did not let go till the end.

They took the fights head-on and kept pinning Wolves right at their spawns, caught them on the rotates, and consistently won the opening fights one after the other.


Down by a map, Wolves swung right back into the game by picking GodLike Esports apart and equalizing the score.

The name of the game was patience and they did it with absolute finesse, taking five rounds in the first half as attackers without breaking a sweat. Even on defense, they were not eager to show their hand, allowing GodLike to execute as they reacted perfectly to secure a comfortable win.


With scores leveled, GodLike Esports once again jumped into action all guns blazing and it worked out for them, snatching an early lead on the second map picked my Wolves.

Wolves did stop the early onslaught and almost made a complete comeback, however, GodLike faltered their final 1v3 attempt to secure the map and took a much-needed win to take a lead.


The story repeated itself like clockwork with Wolves equalizing the scores by beating GodLike Esports on Hacienda, which was the second map picked by GodLike Esports.

Unfortunately, the aggression by GodLike was not as effective this time with Wolves picking better fights and the opening exchanges going in their favor.

There were moments when GodLike could have made a comeback on the map and they did create pockets of success every now and then, but Wolves was quick to deny them the chance.


As per how things had been going, it was GodLike’s chance to take the lead but Lin “King” Chengyi single-handedly vanquished any chance of this happening.

Armed with a sniper, King won two back-to-back solo clutches and became a massive threat for GodLike to deal with. He was so good with the weapon that he started holding an entire site alone and despite different tactics being deployed against him, there was no breaking through.

This was the first time in the series that Wolves had taken a series lead against GodLike Esports.


The pressure was now on GodLike Esports to level the scorelines and extend this best-of-seven series down to the last map. They were mostly successful in doing the needful by getting an early lead in the game, however, an unfortunate fumble to secure a site resulted in a tough 2-2 break for them.

GodLike Esports required a good start in their last attempt and this is exactly where it all fell apart as they lost the opening bout and got punished for it hard.

From this point on, the game only went downhill and Wolves edged past to victory, securing the series along with it.

COD Mobile is not a big mobile title in India. It does enjoy a small casual userbase but on the competitive side of things there is not much to discuss or tell. Despite the setbacks, GodLike Esports emerged as one of the best teams in the world and it shows how terrifyingly good they really are.

It will be interesting to see where the team goes from here on out and what the future hase in store for this team.