Battlegrounds Mobile India Hacks – How to Recognize & Report Them

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royale mobile games in India. The game offers unique features and is easy to learn which has contributed to its popularity. 

Hackers have always appeared in BGMI and several players, content creators and esports athletes have been banned for using hacks and cheats in the game. Krafton has taken steps to ensure that the players using hacks are banned from the game to ensure a fair and even playing field for all.

How to recognize hacks and report them?

Hackers in BGMI use multiple types of hacks such as headshot only, aimbot, wall hacks, speed hacks, high damage and no footprint. One should have the knowledge of how hacks work in order to recognize them. Krafton has provided several methods for players to report hackers and cheaters in the game. It is important for players to keep video proof of the players they suspect are hacking as it helps while reporting them. 

How to recognize a hacker in BGMI:

  • If a player is constantly hitting multiple headshots, it is a sign that the player is using a headshot only hack. With the weapons in BGMI being unstable, it is practically impossible to consistently hit multiple headshots with precision.

  • Players cannot shoot through walls in BGMI and if you spot a player who is doing so, wall hacks may be being used. Unlike some games which allow wall bang shots, BGMI doesn’t provide that feature and players doing so are using wall hacks.

  • In BGMI the character’s speed is very slow so if players are using speed hacks they shall able to move from one place to another in a matter of seconds. This hack is one of the easiest to spot compared to others. 

  • To recognize if a player is using the no footprint hack, players are required to keep a close eye on the map. Whenever an enemy is close to you there will be footprints on the map which will reveal his position, if there are no footprints it means that the player is using the no footprint hack.

  • The high damage hack is also easy to spot as players using this are able to shoot and finish multiple enemies in just a few seconds. Although some guns in BGMI deal high damage, securing multiple finishes very quickly is impossible.

There are two ways in which players can report a hacker in BGMI:

Reporting through the in-game channel:

  • If an enemy is using hacks and you are spectating the player, you can click on the report button.

  • Tick the Cheating box.

  • Players can write in the description box the kind of hacks that were being used. 

  • Click on the report button.

Players can also report from the home screen of BGMI:

  • Click on the upward pointing arrow.

  • Click on the report button.

  • Tick the other box and mention the in-game name and character id of the player and the type of hacks that were being used.

  • Click on submit.

These are some of the ways in which players can recognize hackers and report them. Reporting a player through an in-game method is the most efficient way as in recent times, players who were using hacks have been instantly banned after they were reported.