BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 3 Schedule: Map Rotations, Highlight, More

The excitement surrounding the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals is palpable as the event progresses into its third day on 15th October 2023, Sunday. This grandiose event is hosted at the expansive Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium in Mumbai. The fervor of the competition is further amplified by the live broadcast accessible in 10 different languages across India.

The grand stage of Day 3 is set for intense competition among the top 16 teams who have battled their way through to this decisive phase of the tournament. The lineup for the day is as follows:

Day 3 Schedule (15th October 2023, Sunday):

  • Match 13: Erangel

  • Match 14: Miramar

  • Match 15: Samlok

  • Match 16: Vikendi

  • Match 17: Miramar

  • Match 18: Erangel​​.

Krafton has arranged for Exclusive Live Watching Milestone Rewards for the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals. Fans are encouraged to support their favorite teams during the live broadcast of the event on Jio Cinema and Krafton India Esports’ YouTube Channel to avail these rewards​​.

How the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals is Shaping up

The second day of the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals was filled with intense competition among the participating teams. Here are some highlights and the match summary:


  • Upcoming teams like Big Brother Esports, MICI Esports, TWM Gaming, and GlitchxReborn showcased robust performances.

  • Seasoned teams such as Team X Spark, Blind Esports, Gods Reign, and Gladiator Esports maintained their momentum from Day 1 and performed dominantly on Day 2.

  • Some underdog teams made commendable comebacks, with Big Brother Esports and others putting up good fights.

  • Unfortunately, some experienced teams like OR Esports and Medal Esports had below-average performances on this day​.

In addition, Big Brother Esports managed to dethrone Revenant Esports and clinched the top spot after securing two consecutive Chicken Dinners, marking a notable turn in the competition​​.

Team X Spark also continued their strong performance by securing the first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner of Day 2, adding to the heat of the competition​​.

The overall standing and performances of teams on Day 2 have set a thrilling premise for what’s to come on Day 3 of the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals.

As the teams prepare for the upcoming matches on the final day, fans are on the edge of their seats, awaiting to see who will triumph in the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals. The stakes are high, and the anticipation is electric. The battleground is set, and the teams are ready. Day 3 is not just about the finale of a tournament; it’s about the culmination of hard work, strategy, and the indomitable spirit of competition.