BGIS 2023 Schedule: Map Rotations Revealed Along Exciting Arrangements at the Venue

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 (BGIS 2023) has rolled out some exciting updates that are sure to thrill both participants and spectators. Here’s a look into what’s new.

Map Rotations

The BGIS 2023 has unveiled its match schedule for the grand finals, set to commence on 12th October 2023. Over the span of three days, teams will compete in a total of 18 matches across four maps. Here’s a breakdown of the map rotations:

12th October 2023, Thursday:

  • Match 1: Erangel

  • Match 2: Miramar

  • Match 3: Sanhok

  • Match 4: Vikendi

  • Match 5: Miramar

  • Match 6: Erangel

13th October 2023, Friday:

  • Match 7: Erangel

  • Match 8: Miramar

  • Match 9: Sanhok

  • Match 10: Vikendi

  • Match 11: Miramar

  • Match 12: Erangel

15th October 2023, Sunday:

  • Match 13: Erangel

  • Match 14: Miramar

  • Match 15: Samlok

  • Match 16: Vikendi

  • Match 17: Miramar

  • Match 18: Erangel

Challenge Zones at the Venue

In an endeavor to enhance audience engagement, BGIS 2023 has introduced Challenge Zones at the venue. These zones will host mini-games, including Team Death Match, providing an opportunity for attendees to partake in the gaming action. The victorious participants in these mini-games stand a chance to win prizes, adding a layer of interactive excitement to the event experience. This initiative bridges the gap between the audience and the gaming arena, allowing attendees to actively participate and not merely remain spectators.

Teams and Venue

The finals are taking place at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium in Mumbai, hosting 16 qualified teams vying for glory over three intense match days​​. The participating teams are:

  • Medal Esports

  • Revenant Esports

  • Gladiators Esports

  • Glitchx Reborn

  • CS Esports

  • Mici Esports

  • Gods Reign

  • Midwave Esports

  • Growing Strong

  • Team XSpark

  • OR Esports

  • TWM Gaming

  • Blind Esports

  • Big Brother Esports

  • 4Aggressive Man

  • Night Owls​​.

With new map rotations, Challenge Zones for audience engagement, and a roster of formidable teams, BGIS 2023 is shaping up to be a monumental event in the esports arena. It’s not just a battlefield for the teams, but a holistic gaming spectacle where the crowd gets to be a part of the action too. Mark the dates and get ready for an immersive gaming experience at BGIS 2023.