BGMI Announces Zombies’ Edge: A Multi-Map Takeover Event

In the new Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Version 2.8 Update, Erangel, Miramar, and Livik will witness an onslaught of infected Mutants until 26th November. The intense dark energy emanating from Aerolith has transformed the once-dedicated research lab into a desolate wasteland full of valuable supplies and resources. Venturing into this forsaken domain gives players a respawn card, should they dare to enter. If you are looking forward to all of the content during the event, here’s a quick rundown of everything you can expect to see.

BGMI  Zombies’ Edge: Everything You Need to Know

In the Aerolith Lab and Outpost on the new takeover maps, your goal is to stop the Aerolith from absorbing too many Mutants. If it absorbs a lot of Mutants, it will summon the Rage Berserker, making things more challenging. If you defeat this boss, you’ll get a special crate as a reward.

Three frightening variations of Zombies await players in the Version 2.8 Update. In addition to the Mutant, the tall, intimidating Berserker wields weapons and shields in its right arm, while the agile Ripper can leap and dash quickly to attack and evade blows.

As you navigate through the eerie Aerolith Lab, you’ll encounter various zombies, with the formidable Rage Berserkers lurking closest to the Aerolith itself. Once you conquer these monstrous foes, they’ll drop valuable genetic materials that give you extraordinary abilities.

You can equip the awe-inspiring Mutation Gauntlets – massive arm-mounted weapons that deliver devastating melee assaults, along with a fearsome Smash ability that can obliterate anything in your path. But that’s not all; there’s also the razor-sharp Mutation Blade, made for swiftly carving through foes as you sprint across the battlegrounds, leaving a trail of chaos in your wake.

Players can hop aboard the Maglev Hoverboard, which can be acquired from the Lab, to traverse both land and sea efficiently. There will also be a “surprise” coming in October to celebrate Halloween for those who like to party. Additionally, Cycle 5 Season 14 is updated with new content, rewards, and cosmetics to unlock and enjoy. Download the game for free on the and.